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Top 10 Tools: Audeliz "Junior" Meijas, Five Star Automotive Specialists

April 14, 2017
Audeliz "Junior" Meijas strives to figure out the problems on vehicles where no one else can. He uses these tools to help him achieve that goal.

Technician: Audeliz “Junior” Meijas

Location: Southbridge, Mass.

Shop: Five Star Automotive Specialists

Audeliz “Junior” Meijas has worked in a variety of areas in the automotive industry, including chain stores and dealers, since graduating from technical school in 2004. He has worked as a technician for Five Star Automotive Specialists for four years.

“I love the joy of figuring out the problem on vehicles where no one else can. I really enjoy performing repairs that require a specific set of skills and mindset to complete in the allotted time,” says Meijas. “I’m almost always up for the challenge.”

Meijas works on a wide range of vehicles, since Five Star Automotive Specialists doesn’t have any specialties. Their goal is simply to employ the most up-to-date software and equipment so that they can provide customers with dealer-level repair and diagnostics at a lower than dealer cost.

1. ALLDATA Mobile Repair App

This app for Android and iOS offers portable access to ALLDATA’s OEM diagnostic and repair information. “I have everything you can get from ALLDATA for vehicle service information, all on my tablet. That’s my number-one go-to, all day,” says Meijas.

2. Snap-on Tools Heavy Duty Air Hammer, No. PH3050B

The PH3050B offers dual elastomer cushions to absorb shock and impact, a direct multi-port front exhaust, a variable speed soft-touch trigger and a built-in air regulator to vary power for different applications.

Meijas says that living in New England, he sees a lot of rust, and his motto is, “When in doubt, hammer it out.”

3. H.B. Products Turbosockets

H.B. Products offers an extensive line of Turbosockets for removing damaged hardware. The design works to improve socket grip as more torque is applied. Meijas notes that these turbosockets work great for removing rounded off bolts.

4. Sunex Tools 80-pc 3/8” Drive Master Impact Socket Set, No. SUN3580

The SUN3580 offers many popular sizes of metric and SAE impact sockets. The sockets are forged from alloy steel, meet or exceed ASME specifications and come in a blow molded case.

Meijas appreciates that the set is less expensive than what other competitors offer.  “They have the same lifetime warranty. I have quite a few of them, and all of my swivel sockets, in all of the drives, are Sunex,” he says.

5. Matco Tools 5-pc XL Double Box Flex Head Ratcheting Wrench Set, No. SRRFXLM52T

The SRRFXLM52T offers a 90-tooth ratcheting system that provides high torque with only a 4-degree swing arc. The extended box end provides greater access to recessed fasteners, and the flex end allows better access in hard-to-reach areas. Meijas says they are one of his favorites because they can be used for everything.

6. Snap-on Tools EELD500 Smart Smoke

Meijas appreciates the Smart Smoke’s digital display and push-button start. When connected to a vehicle’s EVAP system, the Smart Smoke automatically performs and calibration and leak-test, with pass/fail results in less than five minutes.

7. Snap-on Verus Pro

Because the Verus Pro is wireless, Meijas is able to move around the service bay while connected to the vehicle. The Verus Pro offers a scanner, scope, data manager, waveform library, schematics, TSBs, online technical forum, test procedures and verified repair tips.

8. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

The JNC660 offers automatic recharging, provides 1,700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps of starting power. “It gets tons of use,” Meijas says. “I use it almost every day on dead cars, and it still fires them up.”

9. Lisle Multi-Application Oil Funnel, No. 19342

Meijas finds that this funnel saves him money while pouring oil into engines. “You screw the adapter in, put the funnel on and pour the oil in. No mess.” Lisle’s Multi-Application Oil Funnel comes with seven different color-coded adapters and a 45-degree elbow to work on many applications and save storage space.

10. SP Tools Parking Brake Cable Coupler Removal Tool, No. 10500

This 14” heat-treated pliers remove and reinstall the cable coupler used between the primary parking brake cables and the crossover cable. “This thing is awesome,” Meijas says. “They could be completely rusted on, and this will take the parking break cable out of the connector, and also install it. It’s amazing how well it works.”

About the Author

Stefanie Von Rueden | Assistant Editor - Vehicle Repair Group

Stefanie Von Rueden is assistant editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

Von Rueden’s background includes professional writing and publishing. Previously, she worked in the Continuing Education department at UW-Whitewater. She has covered the vehicle maintenance and automotive aftermarket since 2016.

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