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Tool Review: CanDo HD Pro III

April 8, 2021
The reviewer appreciates the wide range of coverage provided by this tool.

Diagnostic tools are essential for any repair shop to have, and for Sulev Oun, owner of O&K Truck Repairs Ltd. in Tonawanda, New York, the CanDo HD Pro III was a nice addition to his collection.

Oun explains he owns “quite a few scan tools” due to his technician training courses and, of course, owning a shop. But regardless of the other scan tools he has, Oun enjoys the tablet style of the CanDo tool and how convenient it is to just grab it and “get in there.”

The Pro III’s portability and range of coverage come in handy in a pinch, especially when it comes to working on commercial vehicles because there’s somebody waiting to know whether that vehicle can be scheduled and put back to work, Oun says.

As far as setup goes, Oun relates it to setting up a new smartphone or any other computer-based device.

“Basically, you’re setting up for Wi-Fi and some personal settings that are required by most scan tools.” Oun also noticed that with this tool, it immediately went through any available updates.

When it came to using the Pro III, Oun again related the experience to using a smartphone or other similar device.

“It’s more buttonology, and I guess because it’s a tablet platform you kind of learn between your smart phone and everything how to get in there and start navigating,” Oun says. “The bottom line is it’s like anything else, you just have to power it up and then start playing with it. You’re not going to hurt anything.”

The tablet comes in a sturdy case – “It’s one of those permanent cases that you want to keep your tools in all the time,” Oun says – and has a variety of cables and connectors included, as well as a manual. Oun notes that the manual was “simplified” and wasn’t overwhelming. He didn’t feel it needed anything more because the platform allows the user to start the tablet up and follow prompts from there.

Oun likes the broad application possibilities the HD Pro III provides, enabling him to choose between engines and vehicle types as well as agricultural equipment and off-road machinery. This is especially important because at his shop, technicians perform general repairs for everything from cars to tractor-trailers, and sometimes even something like a loader.

“It’s nice to have everything in one package,” Oun says.

The shop owner could find very few faults with the tablet, only wishing the connection cable was a little bit longer and that the tool provided a printing function, though he does appreciate the snapshot capability.

Around the shop, Oun has used the Pro III on diagnosing some Cummins’ CNG engines – repair work they see often – and is pleased that the tool has a global platform, making it simple work to connect and communicate with a variety of different vehicles such as Isuzu’s Hino trucks.

Overall, Oun was won over by the CanDo HD Pro III’s wide range of coverage.

“Being a general repair shop, that’s one of my requirements, that I’m able to get in as many vehicles as possible,” he says.

About the Author

Emily Markham | Assistant Editor | Vehicle Repair Group

Emily Markham is an assistant editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

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