Photo: Noregon Systems
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Noregon to open new headquarters and warehouse

Nov. 14, 2022
The North Carolina-based company recently announced its move to a new location to facilitate the company's recent growth both in corporate offices and inventory space needs.

As the need for a diagnostics mindset in maintenance has continued to grow, Noregon Systems is keeping pace with their technology’s development by moving into a new corporate headquarters and adding another warehouse location.

The company’s updated headquarters will be staying in their hometown of Grensboro, North Carolina, but will now be moving to 7823 National Service Rd. The new location will include three stories and encompass 45,600 sq.-ft. of space, allowing employees across multiple departments the proximity for easy collaboration.

“We’re very excited to complete the transition into our new buildings,” said Darren Mangus, Chief Human Resources Officer for Noregon. “This new location signifies the rapid growth Noregon is experiencing, having outgrown our old space and needing an upgrade in facilities.”

In addition, the new warehouse will also be located in Greensboro, this time at 6900B International Dr. With the added storage space, the building will double the square footage for warehouse and configurations employees, said the company in a press release.

“Our new warehouse gives those teams the space and facilities necessary to optimize our inventory strategies and ensure we get our products out to customers in the most efficient manner possible,” explained Mangus.

With the new warehouse and corporate headquarters, Noregon will now work out of four buildings in total, including their Shipping & Receiving offices and Greensboro, and their recently-opened satellite National Sales Office, which is located in South Carolina and opened in 2019.

The company said their corporate employees are due to complete their move to the new headquarters on Nov. 14, while all warehouse employees will be reporting to the International Dr. location on Nov. 21.

Both expansions come at the heels of Noregon Systems’ updates to their TripVision software and their recent awards to the company’s 2022 Fall Scholarship program, as well as the company’s hiring of their first chief strategy officer at the beginning of 2022.