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Right to Repair law approved in Maine

Nov. 13, 2023
Main approved the state's Right to Repair legislation in the state's 2023 elections.

On Nov. 7, voters in Maine made the state the next in the nation to approve Right to Repair legislation. The ballot measure presented to voters required auto manufacturers to share access to certain vehicle diagnostic tools with vehicle owners, as well as independent repair facilities.

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According to statewide election results tabulated by The New York Times, with 93% of the votes counted as of Nov. 7, the measure passed with 84.3% of voters voting in favor, and 15.7% voting against it.

VIP Inc. President and CEO Tim Winkeler was on the front lines of the issue in Maine.

“We are grateful that the people of the great state of Maine overwhelmingly supported our automotive Right to Repair initiative," Winkeler said. "With 84% of voters in support, this sends a clear message that all parties involved need to work earnestly to secure access to all diagnostic and repair information, including telematics data, for vehicle owners and independent technicians, both today and in the future.”

VIP, which is based in Maine, would be among the state’s approximately 700 independent repair facilities, as calculated by The Portland Press Herald.

In a statement, Auto Care Association President and CEO Bill Hanvey said the results in Maine “proved another victory for the American consumer, and the right to repair movement that is gaining support across the United States.

“The right to repair is one of a few unifying issues our nation faces, and whether we achieve repair access chamber by chamber or state by state, I am confident that every American will soon have the fundamental right to repair what belongs to them," Hanvey stated. "Right to repair isn’t going away and this victory demonstrates that it’s an issue that needs to be resolved.”

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