Shop Operations

An overview of the business operations in a fleet service facility or repair shop, including handling data, hiring and managing service technicians, shop management, technician training and more.


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Shop Management

Shining a spotlight on overachievers

May 8, 2024
Fleet Maintenance is proud to announce that nominations are open for the 2nd annual Overachiever of the Year Awards.
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Employees & Training

Shop culture’s impact on hiring and retention

May 22, 2024
Too few technicians, or too many not staying long enough? A focus on tools, training, and value-rich culture can shock those labor numbers back to life.
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Shop Management

Mergers and acquisitions 101: Why they happen and what's your worth?

May 20, 2024
While a shop owner may not be planning on selling their business any time soon, every shop or fleet should still know how a potential buyer will value their business.
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Employees & Training

ASE offering free materials for ASPM

Automotive Service Professionals Month is in June, and to celebrate, ASE created logos, email and social media templates, infographics, and more to promote the trade.
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Shop Operations

How to build a shop to suit your technicians

May 16, 2024
Keeping your technicians in mind when building and moving to a new shop is critical, both in considering the elements that will help them be more efficient and how to organize...

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