Noregon JPRO updates includes safety and compliance feature

Nov. 20, 2023
The latest JPRO feature, Road Worthiness, scans a vehicle for critical safety component issues such as problems with the ABS or DPF.

The latest version of Noregon’s diagnostic software JPRO Professional 2023 v 4 now includes a new embedded feature called Road Worthiness, which will help technicians verify a heavy-duty vehicle is ready to return to work. Road Worthiness scans the commercial vehicles or off-highway equipment and assesses their safety and compliance status to operate on public roads.
Road Worthiness check that there are no ABS faults or dash lamps illuminated from safety systems, and that the max speed is set under 80 mph and DPF Pressure is detected. The DPF check verifies the aftertreatment system has not been tampered with.
“Fleets and technicians alike can be fined if they fail to repair certain issues that affect emissions regulations,” said Jason Hedman, Noregon Product Manager. “Road Worthiness helps technicians confidently complete their work without worrying about regulatory issues they may have missed.”

He said the scans should be done at the beginning and end of a job.
“Viewing the results of the Road Worthiness check as a first step allows the technician to identify the areas they need to troubleshoot, and checking Road Worthiness at the end of a repair ensures the vehicle is ready to be dispatched or released to the customer,” Hedman explained.

A JPRO pre-diagnostic scan takes about 90 seconds and will catch faults the driver may not be aware of, preventing a malfunction down the road.

Furthermore, the data collected can help identify deeper maintenance issues that need to be resolved.

“JPRO automatically saves all the data it gathers upon the connection to a vehicle as a log file that maintenance professionals can play back in the software, Hedman said. “This serves many purposes, one of which is that it allows fleets to identify recurring issues. Road Worthiness results—and the data that led to those results—will be captured upon connection, but fleets will want to dig deeper into the diagnostic scan to paint the entire picture.”

The 2023 v 4 software can be updated by active subscribers at no additional costs and also includes expands coverage for major manufacturers including Detroit Diesel and PACCAR while adding coverage for new Bendix components, the company said.

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