Dorman Products Upgraded Aluminum Engine Oil Filter Housing Kit No 926 876

Tech Tip: Factory oil filter adapter removal and install

July 29, 2021
Instructions on how to perform a complete repair of replacing the factory oil filter adapter on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram V6-powered vehicles using the Upgraded Aluminum Engine Oil Filter Housing Kit from Dorman Products.

The factory oil filter adapter on millions of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram V6-powered vehicles often leaks oil when its plastic housing warps from harsh underhood conditions. As the plastic eventually degrades from heat and chemical exposure, it can even crack from simply tightening the oil filter cap during oil changes. When it fails, replacing it with an OEM housing could mean the same issues again in the future. The Dorman Products Upgraded Aluminum Engine Oil Filter Housing Kit, No. 926-876, is made entirely of aluminum for a more durable replacement of only the failure-prone OEM housing to help prevent future leaks. It also includes all the necessary gaskets for an effective repair.

The following instructions explain how to properly replace the failed housing with new gaskets and continue using the existing oil cooler, sensors, and other functioning components. Please wear proper safety gear.

ATTENTION: Refer to the appropriate shop manual for your vehicle to obtain specific service procedures for this part. If you do not have a service manual or lack the skill to install this part, it is recommended that you seek the services of a qualified technician. Pay special attention to all cautions and warnings included in the shop manual. Read and follow all instructions carefully. This product is only designed to function properly on specific vehicle applications. Please verify that the vehicle requirements match the product specifications and application notes for this part.

  1. Remove oil filter housing and cooler assembly from engine as per vehicle service manual.
  2. Remove both sensors from original oil filter housing.
  3. Remove oil cooler to filter housing mounting screws and remove oil cooler from original oil filter housing.
  4. Remove oil filter cap.
  5. Clean cooler and cooler gasket mating surfaces to ensure proper seal to new oil filter housing.
  6. Install provided cooler to housing gaskets into gasket grooves in oil filter housing.
  7. Install original oil cooler onto new oil filter housing.
  8. Using original cooler screws, fasten cooler to housing. Torque cooler-to-housing screws to 35 in-lbs.
  9. Coat both sensor threads with thread sealant and install both sensors onto oil filter housing.
  10. Torque both sensors to 177 in-lbs.
  11. Install provided new o ring onto front oil return port on housing. Lubricate with a light coat of oil for ease of installation.
  12. Press provided new remaining seals onto new oil filter housing.
  13. Install oil filter housing onto engine block as per vehicle service manual. Torque mounting bolts to 106 in-lbs.
  14. Install a new oil filter into new housing and reinstall filter cap from original housing.
  15. Add oil to crankcase to compensate for lost oil from replacing oil filter.
  16. Top off coolant level to compensate for loss of coolant during repair.
  17. Test drive vehicle to ensure there are no coolant or oil leaks.
  18. Repair is now complete.

Disclaimer: Even though every attempt is made to ensure this information is complete and accurate, it is impossible to account for all possible circumstances or situations. Please consult with a qualified technician before attempting to perform any work you are not qualified to do. Automobiles can be hazardous to work on; be sure to take all necessary safety precautions. Failure to do so may result in property damage or personal injury. Certain motor vehicle standards and performance requirements may apply to your motor vehicle (such as Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Be sure that your work is performed in accordance with such standards and that you do not disable any motor vehicle safety feature.

This information was provided by Dorman Products.