webinar on air/fuel sensors draws large audience

May 24, 2013
Automotive instructor Dave Heinzen notes many vehicles are now using air/fuel sensors.

Automotive technicians, shop owners and aftermarket enthusiasts from all over the country got an update on air/fuel sensors Thursday evening by attending a free webinar on the VehicleServicePros website. Dave Heinzen, an ASE certified master technician and an automotive instructor at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wis. demonstrated diagnosing air/fuel sensors on a Honda Accord using Power Probe's "Hook," Emissions Systems' gas analyzer, the Honda scan tool and Knipex pliers. 

The live, one-hour webinar was sponsored by Power Probe, Emissions Systems Inc. and Knipex Tools.

Heinzen noted during the presentation that many vehicles have moved to using air/fuel sensors, so understanding how to properly diagnose them is important. Heinzen explained how these sensors work, what the scan tool data is telling the technician and how to know when you have a bad sensor. 

Heinzen answered several questions from attendees at the conclusion of the presentation. He noted that he will answer those questions from attendees that he was not able to address during the webinar.

Readers can view the webinar at the VehicleServicePros website by clicking here