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Innova introduces CarScan line of diagnostic tools with proprietary repair information source

July 27, 2017
The line includes the entry-level 5023 CarScan Code Reader, the 5100 CarScan ABS/SRS and the fully featured 5160 CarScan PRO.

Innova Electronics Corporation, a supplier of test equipment and diagnostic reporting for the automotive aftermarket, announces the launch of its latest line of professional on-board diagnostic (OBD) tools.

The INNOVA CarScan offering is designed by professional automotive technicians to help technicians of all levels streamline repairs on today’s vehicles. The line, which begins shipping this month, includes the entry-level 5023 CarScan Code Reader, the 5100 CarScan ABS/SRS, and the fully featured 5160 CarScan PRO.

“For nearly two decades, Innova has provided millions of automotive DIYers and pros of all levels with tools and information to affordably solve check engine light problems without time-consuming training and scrolling or expensive subscription fees,” said Mike Fitzgerald, vice president and general manager, Innova. “This line builds on the features that have made our patented products popular over the years by adding functions that appeal to service bay techs, whether you’re working in a tire, collision, lube and tune, dealership or independent repair shop.

“What truly sets these tools apart from other professional OBD tools on the market is access to the proprietary Innova RepairSolutions Pro website and app, offering unmatched repair guidance to help techs fix vehicles quickly and efficiently,” adds Fitzgerald.

Each of the INNOVA CarScan tools includes access to RepairSolutions Pro through a free 1- to 12-month trial subscription. The higher-end 5100 and 5160 tools also include Bluetooth connectivity to conveniently communicate with the RepairSolutions Pro mobile app (iOS and Android). RepairSolutions Pro is a diagnostic solutions resource created to help professionals and shops diagnose and repair today’s complex vehicles by providing verified fixes, difficulty ratings, Technical Service Bulletins, step-by-step instructions, resource to connect with fellow pros, and more.

The INNOVA 5160 CarScan PRO is a top-of-the-line, all-in-one professional scan tool featuring an all-systems module Network Scan, Active Test and bi-directional controls to perform diagnostic routines, ABS and SRS live data and maintenance system resets for most gas, diesel and hybrid OBD-II vehicles on the road today. Optional OBD-I coverage is available to service model year 1982 to 1995 vehicles. It also features FixAssist technology with patented on-screen code and troubleshooting repair tips, and trip cycle procedures to support technicians in the proper validation of repairs. Users can clearly view and record diagnostic results on the tool’s full-color 3.5” display that provides the convenience to view up to four live data parameters at one time. The 5160 also features battery initialization, as well as steering angle, battery and oil light reset. Click here for a compatibility checker. The 5160 comes with a protective rubber boot and soft storage pouch.

The INNOVA 5100 CarScan ABS/SRS reads Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) codes on most 1996 and newer domestic, Asian and European cars, light trucks and SUVs on the road today. It enables the user to graph two live data parameters at a time. The 5100 also features Network Scan, as well as the ability to read ABS and SRS live data. It is an economical option for technicians who want most of the features available on the 5160 but don’t need the advanced Active Test or Steering Angle Reset functions.

The INNOVA 5023 CarScan Code Reader is the ideal starter tool for the entry-level technician. It is also a great choice for shops that want each of their service writers or mobile techs to have their own diagnostic tool. The 5023 reads and clears powertrain codes on all 1996 and newer vehicles. It also displays diagnostic trouble code severity and freeze frame data shows the engine condition at the time the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) was set.

The new INNOVA CarScan series has a tool to cover everything from quick vehicle inspections to pre- and postcollision repair scans to more advanced Network Scan, Active Test, as well as live data for airbag and anti-lock brake system functions. The higher-end 5100 and 5160 tools also include trip cycle procedures to validate repairs and emissions test readiness, as well as precise, mobile app-based RepairSolutions Pro guidance. Each of the tools features lifetime updates and upgrades, and support from INNOVA’s expert team of U.S.-based ASEcertified technicians.

A complete list of product features and functions with a comparison chart and vehicle compatibility coverage is available at For more information, pricing and availability, contact Innova Sales using this link.

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