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Ansed Diagnostic Solutions introduces SCOPE+

Aug. 11, 2020
The SCOPE+ is an electrical circuit troubleshooting tester with color-coded screens.

Ansed Diagnostic Solutions introduced the SCOPE+, No. HU31025, an electrical circuit troubleshooting tester, made by HUBITOOLS in Europe. 

Color-coded screens give the technician an easy to see status of the circuit. For example, when measuring voltage, the color-coded screen indicates green (ok), yellow (caution), red (no), or blue (over limit).

The SCOPE+ measures: Amps draw without removing fuses, voltage (max 50V DC), cranking volts with auto HOLD function, resistance (Ohms), frequency with peak to peak volts (up to 20 kHz), duty cycle, continuity test, and diode/LED test.

The SCOPE+ is designed for any technician working on today’s vehicles, the company says. It is easy to use, but comprehensive and can be used in conjunction with the Sensor Simulator, No. HU31035.