Jaltest 21 1 Scapew
Jaltest 21 1 Scapew
Jaltest 21 1 Scapew
Jaltest 21 1 Scapew
Jaltest 21 1 Scapew

Jaltest Diagnostics launches latest software update

March 8, 2021
Jaltest 21.1 adds 75 makes, 1,900 models, more than 1,900 bi-directional tests, and more.

Jaltest Diagnostics released its latest software update, Jaltest 21.1. With the goal of providing technicians with the key information and resources needed to sort out every repair that comes by the bay, every update is developed to keep up with the speed in which these industries evolve.

Jaltest 21.1 adds:

  • 75 makes
  • 1,900 models
  • Thousands of electronic systems
  • More than 1,900 additional bi-directional tests
  • 5,200 wiring diagrams
  • 35,800 fault codes detected
  • +205,560 repair times included

Additionally, from this update and beyond, Jaltest integrates its Marine module to the rest of its projects. This means the user will be able to access all their diagnostics modules using the same hardware and within the same software. This is vital for shops that deal with different kind of vehicles.

Jaltest has moved forward with customization options in the repair process; a setting allows the technician to save notes on certain parts and certain steps of their repair process.