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Diesel Laptops adds more accessibilty to Diesel Diagnostics & Diesel Repair platforms

Jan. 18, 2022
The diesel diagnostics and solutions provider has enhanced its platforms to be accessible via mobile device, tablet, PC and, of course, laptops.

Diesel Laptops has made its Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair platforms accessible online via any mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer. Both platforms have also been digitally enhanced to provide customers with better operational efficiencies on multiple levels.

“Diesel Laptops is quickly proving we don’t just sell products, we solve problems,” said Diesel Laptops CEO Tyler Robertson. “We pride ourselves in providing repair efficiency solutions through diesel diagnostic tools, and now can offer our aftermarket component manufacturer and distributor partners that same depth of knowledge and expertise via our Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair platforms.”

The company, founded in 2014, noted this will help address bottlenecks in the “frustrating truck repair process,” which impact the 9 million commercial trucks in the U.S. And that number continues to grow with 2 million diesel engines produced annually.

Diesel Laptops said “we do business with repair shops every day, and for years they’ve told us the same thing: ‘We need quality information in one place so we can work faster and reduce downtime for our customers.’”

The problem has been accessing parts and repair information, which can be expensive, unreliable, and difficult to use. Dealing with multiple systems on different platforms, along with managing multiple subscriptions, has become a pain point for independent shops owner, Diesel Laptops argued.

“With our new Diesel Parts and Diesel Repair apps, repair shop owners can sidestep all those frustrations and transition to a single app that is not only easy to use, but contains our massive database of parts and repair information all in one place,” the company said.

Features include simple parts cross or fault code lookup, or along with proprietary tools including:

  • Symptom-based Troubleshooting
  • By Measurement Lookup (ACES)
  • Exploded Views
  • Component Lookup

In addition to the tools above, repair shops also have the option to explore advanced business data solutions as well, such as:

  • Inventory Analysis
  • Mass Parts Cross
  • Parts Clean Up

In 2022, Diesel Laptops is also actively seeking to partner with component manufacturers and distributors. Interested companies may contact Beth Barkovich ([email protected]) for more information on how to get involved with the Diesel Parts platform.