Dorman Products

Dorman releases fifth edition of OE FIX Guide

Feb. 13, 2024
The most recent edition of the repair guide features maintenance solutions for longer-lasting camshaft phasers and upgraded intake manifold components, among others.

Dorman Products released the company’s fifth edition of its OE FIX Guide. Volume 5 of the publication highlights automotive repair solutions with Dorman products that have been redesigned to improve reliability or simplify service.

“This latest volume further incorporates the feedback we’ve heard by continuing to describe in detail our most helpful repair solutions as well as tell the stories behind our brand that wrenches have trusted for more than a century,” said Steve Gisondi, Dorman’s VP of marketing.

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The fifth edition of the guide features articles covering longer-lasting camshaft phasers and variable valve timing solenoids, upgraded intake manifold components, exhaust manifold replacement and repair kits, and more durable shift cable ends for Toyota vehicles, among others.

Shops can access the OE FIX Guide at repair shops and parts stores with physical copies, or online at the company's website.