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Werner, DTNA collaborate to maximize uptime

Oct. 26, 2021
Werner integrated DTNA’s API to optimize service communications and improve efficiency.

Werner Enterprises has begun integrating the application programming interface (API) used by Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) into its fleet management platform. The move is anticipated to significantly increase uptime for Werner’s professional drivers and improve efficiencies for its event resolution team while improving repair velocity at DTNA dealerships. This integration is another step forward in Werner's innovation strategy.

“Werner Enterprises is very excited to be working with DTNA, helping create a cloud-based maintenance system that will greatly reduce the manual inputs and phone calls to dealers,” said Tony Wahl, director of equipment purchasing for Werner. “With these new systems in place, Werner will have a better gauge of visibility of a tractor and its repairs, faster decision making, and a cleaner flow of data pertaining to each tractors' repairs.”

The goal of this integration is to help provide better predictive and scheduled maintenance for Werner's fleet and maximize uptime. The integration with DTNA’s API launched in September 2021 and was built to follow the industry standard of the Technology Maintenance Council. Werner will continue to focus on direct API integrations, gaining efficiencies and increasing driver uptime through their innovation arm, Werner EDGE.

“How well we deliver uptime for our fleets and drivers is what makes the difference between a one-time customer and a life-long customer,” said Erick Nelson, DTNA's director of customer experience . “The best way to keep our customers’ trucks on the road is to prevent unplanned downtime. But when the unexpected does occur, we want to ensure that the service process and communication is as fast and as efficient as possible. We’re excited to make this robust API solution available to all of our customers.”

The API integration enables Werner’s team to address repair events in an average of two calls compared to a previous average of 12 calls per event. This will result in a ten-minute reduction in time per event call. The integration also reduces associated data entry. In addition, streamlined service operations offer an improved repair velocity, allowing Werner’s professional drivers to get back on the road faster with a reduced dwell time of 30% on average.

“Continuously improving our productivity and efficiency is imperative to our organization and the industry,” said Daragh Mahon, Werner chief information officer. “So, we’re collaborating with other industry experts and looking at effective APIs to help achieve those goals. In turn, these APIs help support faster cloud adoption across the organization and allows us to invest in building proprietary technology that benefits our drivers, shippers, carriers, and associates.”