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Tool Review: AirSept A/C Flush Machine

May 12, 2017
The reviewer says the machine offers quite a bit in terms of convenience, efficiency and performance.

The AirSept A/C Flush Machine features a dual-tank design that ensures each component in the system receives fresh, contaminant-free solution for its initial flush pass. Each A/C system component is flushed using only virgin solution from the first tank, so there is no cross-contamination from the previously flushed component. Technicians can deep-clean any heavily contaminated components, and the closed-loop flush meets A/C component warranty requirements and works with standard OE-fit connectors. The machine offers efficient and effective multi-directional flushing and rapid drying, and has an air purge mode that can be used to check for component leaks prior to flushing. Additionally, a built-in two-stage filter removes moisture and particulates from the shop compressed air supply.

The review

After employing the AirSept A/C Flush Machine on U-Haul vehicles in approximately 75 locations across the country, Tempe, Ariz.-based U-Haul Technical Center Senior Program Manager Bob Dudley found it provided everything he could ask for in terms of convenience, efficiency and performance.

Dudley cites the machine’s two containment tanks, its filtration system and its ability to reverse flush on its own as three reasons why he believes it is among the most effective A/C flush machines he has ever used.

“It is one of the best machines I feel is available in the industry,” he says. “I have a fleet of more than 100,000 trucks that I work with, and it is the machine we spec out for our company.”

According to Dudley, the AirSept offering conveniently features a pair of valves for reverse flushing. By turning one valve, the user can push fluid in one direction. By turning the other valve, the fluid can be flushed the opposite way. The user is not required to disconnect or connect hoses when looking to reverse flush.

“With other machines that are available in the industry, you have to disconnect the hoses from the component you were flushing and then reverse them, then turn the machine back on,” he explains.

The presence of two containment tanks -- one for new flush and a second for flush being recirculated to a component such as an evaporator core or a condenser -- was a feature of the AirSept A/C Flush Machine Dudley says he greatly appreciates. In addition, he notes, the product did not have any check valves.

“Where most all of the other machines have one-way check valves in them, this has no check valves to speak of,” he explains.

“The problem with check valves is they are one-way, of course. It works like an electrical diode. Fluid can flow in one direction and not come back and backpressure into the system. What’s nice about not using any check valves is you can use about any kind of flush you want, so it could be a volatile solution or a non-volatile solution and it will not attack the seals in those check valves. So not having a check valve, you can use just about any type of flush you want and not have to worry about it,” Dudley adds.

Ease of use is not a concern with the AirSept offering, according to Dudley. He says the instructions are located right on the machine, and they are presented quite clearly.

“The machine kind of walks you through the entire process, and I haven’t had any problem with technicians using it,” he adds.

While he would like to see a universal flush adapter included as an accessory, Dudley is quick to point out he does not feel a need for any additions or improvements to the machine itself.

“It cleans the fluid well, and it exhausts it well without getting a foul odor in your shop,” he continues “It filters well. And again, that forward-reversing feature it has is just great.”

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