“I think I got to a certain age where the money [wasn’t] the driving factor,” Corda says of his career change to automotive technician from car salesman.

Big-Time Boxes: Ben Corda, Matco Tools

Sept. 10, 2019
A toolbox fit for a master technician.

Owner: Ben Corda

Shop: Tom’s Auto Center

Location: McFarland, Wisconsin

Ben Corda is not your typical automotive technician. As he explains it, he did things a bit “backwards.” After having a career selling cars for many years, Corda decided it was time for a change.

“I think I got to a certain age where the money [wasn’t] the driving factor,” he says. “It [was] going to a place you want to go to every day.”

Since he was about 15 years old, Corda has been working on cars, so he decided he wanted to make a career out of that. Now, he has been working at Tom’s Auto Center for a little over a year and has already obtained his Master Technician ASE certification. Corda enjoys the challenges that come with working as a technician at an independent shop that services domestic, European, and Asian vehicles.

Before he could start his new career, though, he had to go back to school. While being back in the classroom was a bit strange for Corda, he utilized the benefits that came with being a student – namely the discounts.

Corda was able to purchase his first toolbox and many of the tools he has now at a significantly discounted price. With all the tools he was adding to his collection, his first toolbox quickly ran out of space. But, while at a Matco Tools show in Las Vegas, Corda was able to find a new toolbox and got a good deal trading in his old one for the demo toolbox at the show.

Corda’s new toolbox is a Matco RevelX, which consists of a hutch, a side cabinet, and the box itself. What’s most special about this box, however, are the serial numbers.

“Because it was made specifically for the show, the hutch, the actual box, and the side cabinet all have [sequential] serial numbers,” Corda says.

The toolbox is approximately 7' tall with the hutch on top, and around 8-9' long. It stands out nicely with its white surface, blue trim, and stainless-steel tops. Additionally, the box comes with LED lighting.

“It’s got more bells and whistles than I probably need, [but with] the deal and what I was looking for, I couldn’t really pass it up,” he says.

Corda’s favorite part of the toolbox is the side cabinet.

“[It’s] because it gets all of the specialty tools out of the other drawers and I can basically store everything in there,” he says.

When it comes to organization, Corda likes things to be laid out for maximum efficiency. Each tool has a home and is grouped together with like tools.

“There [are] three big drawers on the top,” he says. “It’s basically sockets and rachets in one, then the next one down is pretty much all my wrenches, and then screwdrivers and everything is below that.”

Corda keeps the hutch and side cabinet just as organized. In the hutch, it’s set-up for any of the spray-type things necessary for the job – spray lubes, greases, and cleaners. Then, he’s got all his specialty tools in the side cabinet.

For further organization, Corda uses organizer trays for almost everything.

“All the sockets are laid where if it’s a 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch, they’re all on trays, so it’s pretty easy to find,” he says.

Though Corda has only owned this toolbox for six months now, he’s already thinking of purchasing another.

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