Sigman's goal when he purchased his Matco Tools 6 Series toolbox was to condense all his tools into one primary box.

Big-Time Boxes: Charles Sigman, Matco Tools

Oct. 8, 2020
A box to expand with the business.

Charles Sigman, owner of DIY Auto Repair Shops in Denver, Colorado, loves buying new tools. When he steps into a mobile tool truck and sees something new, he has to have it. So it was no surprise that when he decided to condense all his tools into one primary box, Sigman turned to a mobile tool dealer for help. While attending a tool expo in Las Vegas last year, his tool dealer called to say he found just the one: a Matco Tools 6 Series.

Sigman not only purchased the one toolbox, but also four smaller matching toolboxes for service bays, as well as a Matco Tools JSC773 service cart. All are black with red trim.

His new primary box measures 8’ in height by 14’ in length. It consists of two top cabinets, a side locker that houses his diagnostic tools, and drawers – “lots of drawers,” he notes. There are also power strips in a couple of the drawers, along with four built-in USB ports and two 110V outlets on the front of the toolbox for easy access.

When asked what his favorite part of the toolbox is, he laughed, “It’s not the payment, I’ll tell you that.” Kidding aside, he enjoys how well-built the box is and says it’s “a great quality toolbox.”

Sigman likes to keep his toolbox well organized by drawers and sections.

“I have all my wrenches in one drawer, sockets in another drawer, electrical tools are in a section,” he lists. “Everything is laid out.”

Although Sigman has owned the toolbox for nearly a year and keeps his tools neatly in place, he still finds himself looking around for tools. Often, in doing so, he finds tools that he didn’t know he had.

“My problem is that I have so many tools that I forget what tools I have,” he admits. “It’s to the point that when a tool truck comes by, if it’s not a new tool to them then I already have it.”

Sigman is looking to franchise his Do It Yourself (DIY) auto repair business model. In October, he is planning to move his shop to a larger facility nearby.

It will be more of a dealership-type environment, with more room to work in the bays, and include a motorcycle bay, he says.

Like his shop, Sigman has also reached capacity with his new toolbox and is in need of more room.

“I’m actually going to have to add on because I’ve already ran out of space, believe it or not,” he says. “[My tool dealer] is looking to get me another side locker for [the setup].”

With a new facility in sight and as business grows, Sigman says he will continue to add to his Matco Tools 6 Series, as needed, to make it “even bigger yet.”

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