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Tool Review: Socket Roll Metric Pro

May 5, 2022
This reviewer found the tool to be a handy way to bring his tools with him for every job.

Technicians are often on the go, moving from vehicle to vehicle performing one job after another. But, moving their tools along with them can become cumbersome. As a result, the technician could end up dropping and damaging their tools or losing them. Randy Kaiser, a technician at Rost Motor, Inc. in Manson, Iowa, has found the Socket Roll Metric Pro to be a handy, compact way to bring his tools with him wherever he goes. 

The tool is easy to use. Kaiser explains, “You simply undo the Velcro straps and unroll the product to put your tools [inside].”

The Socket Roll holds both short and deep sockets in all the standard sizes (8-21mm), and has space for a ratchet, a 6” extension, and a universal joint. It holds almost everything you need for a job in just one pouch, Kaiser says.

Inside the roll, various sized elastic straps and pockets are available to hold the sockets, a ratchet, and other accessories in place, as well as allowing for easy insertion and removal of the tools.

Kaiser notes that the roll did not come with any protective packaging, but none is needed as the product is very sturdy. No manual was included either, and Kaiser jokes that, “If someone needs a manual to operate this socket roll, they more than likely won’t have a clue how to use the tools inside.”

One aspect Kaiser is a bit on the fence about is how tight the openings are for each space to hold the sockets. While he knows this means the tools won’t fall out, he also finds it a bit tricky to remove or insert them, something that could be made even more challenging with greasy or oily hands. Socket Roll notes the tightness comes from the pockets being made from military-grade material. During the initial 2-3 week break-in period, the stiffness allows the pockets to form around the sockets making them much more secure, says the company. 

Around the shop, Kaiser used the Socket Roll to carry his tools to and from each job. He found the roll especially handy when he was working outside.

In the future, Kaiser would like to see some strong magnets attached to the outside of the tool roll that could be used to hang the roll from a vehicle’s frame while working underneath it. It could also help to keep the roll in place on top of a fender while performing a job. In the meantime, Socket Roll notes that users can put the hook and loop straps together to create a hanging loop if they wish to hang the tool storage device. 

Overall, Kaiser was very pleased with the durability and convenience of the Socket Roll Metric Pro, and says “I will definitely be using [it] more in the future.”

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