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Stertil Group acquires Beissbarth GmbH

Jan. 5, 2023
The Stertil-Koni legacy group brand has promised to continue the Munich-based manufacturer's 123-year-old legacy as the first automobile factory in Bavaria.

Lift manufacturer Stertil-Koni's parent company, The Stertil Group, has acquired Munich-based Beissbarth Automotive Testing Solutions GmbH, a 123-year-old organization providing modern testing  and service equipment for the automotive maintenance providers and OEMS. Beissbarth’s product range is poised to complement and enhance the Stertil Group’s goal of creating a total solution for both the current and future developments within the vehicle equipment industry, according to the company.

Previously, Stertil successfully acquired Nussbaum Automotive Lifts GmbH in February 2022. Nussbaum created the Jumbo Double Scissor Lift in 1985.

Steril-Koni itself offers an array of lifts for automotive and commercial vehicle maintenance facilities, including several styles of mobile column lifts.

All three companies specialize in their own focus segments and will continue to operate as separate organizations with their own distribution channels but will also offer a complementary contribution to a product solution package. Under the Stertil Group, this package will tackle the challenges and opportunities of both the current and future combustion and electrification developments throughout the vehicle and equipment industries.

“Beissbarth alongside Nussbaum and Stertil-Koni will allow us to widen our presence across the industry and offer complete quality product solutions,” said Bennie Stapensea, CEO, Stertil Group. “Our long-term goal is to offer the maintenance, service, and repair industry, as well as global OEMs, complete workshop equipment solutions that are adding value now, and are ready for the future and, in whichever technological direction, or directions, the industry evolves.”

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As the new owners, the Stertil Group will retain Mr. Gary Palmer as the managing director of Beissbarth at the company’s production facility in Munich. However, Palmer will now report to Frank Scherer, CEO of Nussbaum Automotive Lifts GmbH, who the Stertil Group appointed as the manager for all automotive-related German entities.

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“As a continuation of our Stertil Group strategy of focusing on our customers and core competences within our group companies, the enlargement of our group product offering towards electronic, software, and data is an important guarantor for continuation of our successful path,” Scherer explained. “From a Nussbaum perspective, we are looking forward to work together with our new colleagues at Beissbarth to develop best-in-class solutions, for example, for alignment systems—lifts and wheel aligners as well as other future-oriented projects.”

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