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Product Spotlight: The latest in battery testing and starters

June 21, 2023
Fleet Maintenance highlights some of the top battery testing products and starters available in today's market.

Vanair Goodall 10,000 Amp Lithium-Ion 12-Volt Start-All Jump Pack

The versatile Vanair Goodall 10,000 Amp Lithium-Ion 12-Volt Start-All Jump Pack has multiple power ports capable of not only jump starting a dead semi-truck but also charging phones, digital cameras, laptops, and portable gaming devices. Although light enough to pick up with two fingers, the 10,000A, 1332005S joules, 12V jump pack starts Class 8 engines with instantaneous energy transfer to the battery the moment the cables are properly connected. A built-in LED work light, including an SOS strobe, on the back allows for late-night jumps.

"There's some type of magic behind it," said Matt Haage of Red's Truck Repair. Kenny Gooch, service manager at Williams Dedicated said it's, "16,000 lbs. of iron brought to life by an 11-lbs. portable jump pack."

HD Diesel 1600A Jump Starter / Jump Box, No SP61073 – SP Tools

SP Tools USA's compact, high-density HD Diesel 1600A Jump Starter/Jump Box, No SP61073 can supply a lot of power in a short time to start both 12V petrol or diesel engines up to 10 liters in capacity, but also motorcycles, ride-on mowers, and cars. Low-voltage accessories and USB-compatible electronics can also be charged when it is not being used as a jump starter. It can be stored in its case that includes 14 interchangeable tips and cords to connect to most devices, extra heavy-duty cable clamps, and chargers for use not just in a shop but also for camping or fishing trips.

"I’ve been using this jump box now for a few months now. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on a jump box by far," customer Dave Kaler said. "Not only has it fired my diesel pickup right off, I have been using it on heavy machinery at work during these colder months and have not been disappointed. Works better than jumper cables and less of a pain to deal with. Easily will fire up 3 pieces of equipment without needing a charge. Also works on my Harley and yard equipment multiple times without needing a charge. This is an awesome tool to have."

Redline Detection Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

The company's first technology of its kind, the Redline Detection Battery + Coolant Leak Detector is engineered exclusively for electric vehicles and ensures battery enclosures and battery coolant systems are sealed under precise pressures. It meets all OEM and battery manufacturer warranty standards for safety in lid-off repairs, battery maintenance, battery exchange, and collisions to protect against intrusion of water, dust, or contaminants that could cause catastrophic failure. OEMs, field service personnel, and battery manufacturers can remotely access data logging and reports as needed.

"The wide adoption of electric vehicles hinges upon safety and reliability," said Redline President Alex Parker. "Redline has partnered with leading EV auto makers to develop this technology which gives 100% assurance that battery cases and battery coolant systems within them are sealed under precise pressures and meet all OEM and battery manufacturer warranty standards for safety."

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