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Automotive Lift Institute serves as Brockway Truck Show's first stop

Aug. 24, 2023
The Brockway Truck Show, hosted in Cortland, New York, stopped by ALI's headquarters to tour the building and connect on lift safety and inspections.

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), who serves as the lift industry’s safety watchdog, offered their headquarters as the first stop for the Huskie Drive, a competition for Brockway trucks in the National Brockway Truck Show, on August 11. The Brockway Truck Show honors vehicles built by the Brockway Motor Truck Company, which operated from 1912-1977 and was a driving force in Cortland, New York, enough so that the town was dubbed "Huskietown, USA," after Brockway's husky dog hood ornament.

Since the company's closure, the Brockway Truck Preservation Association holds the show to honor these custom heavy-duty trucks. The 23rd annual Brockway Truck Show took place this year and included over 120 Brockway truck owners and enthusiasts who congregated in Cortland.

“As a Cortland-based organization, we’re honored to help welcome home all these Brockway trucks,” said R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “And because vehicle lifts are increasingly popular for servicing and maintaining heavy-duty trucks, we also welcome the opportunity to highlight all we do as the lift industry safety watchdog.”

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ALI’s Cortland headquarters hosted a total of 49 Brockway trucks. There, ALI displayed two blue Brockways lifted on ALI-certified mobile column lifts and presented the drivers a 3D cake of the Brockway 260XW in the ALI LIftLab. Later, the company gave each driver an ALI challenge coin for the event as well. All attendees toured the ALI facility, including offices, classroom, and a new lift testing lab. Meanwhile, ALI staff and representatives from ALI member companies were on hand to interact with participants and answer questions.

Buck Gasner of Dekra North America spoke with several Brockway owners about the importance of having their truck lifts inspected annually by ALI Certified Lift Inspectors.

“Having represented more than 550 ALI Certified Lift Inspectors for three terms on ALI’s Board of Directors, I was delighted to be here to help the ALI team educate a group of people who might otherwise never be exposed to our important messages about heavy-duty lift safety,” Gasner said. 

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