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Patrick McKittrick, Diesel Connect 2024

Fullbay adds three new HD repair shop products

May 10, 2024
The company's new offerings include Fullbay Marketplace, Two-Way Texting, and financial system integration into customer accounts.

Fullbay launched a new series of products at its Diesel Connect conference from May 6-8. The new lineup, available for certain Fullbay Connect users, includes Two-Way Texting, Fullbay Marketplace, and increased functionality for Fullbay Financials.

“The Fullbay team is thrilled to introduce our innovative lineup of new products, further expanding our portfolio to provide the heavy-duty repair industry valuable tools that make running repair shops more efficient and profitable,” said Patrick McKittrick, CEO of Fullbay. “Creating and implementing effective solutions for our industry peers is what drives us.”

The new product lineup will be available on May 22, and is designed to offer shop owners greater efficiency when it comes to running their business.

More specifically, the two-way texting functionality is an expansion of the platform’s current text functions, as it will allow shops to send ad hoc text messages to both customers and employees from Fullbay. Additionally, shops can receive notifications when messages are received, search messages by customer, and view text threads. However, McKittrick noted at Diesel Connect that the platform cannot currently create group threads, and will simply create two separate message threads to each participant if a shop attempts to text two people at once. This feature will be available to Fullbay users with select Fullbay Connect plans.

Next, the Fullbay Marketplace is an integration between the heavy-duty management platform and Nexpart, which allows shop owners to browse and order parts, as well as sync their order information with its corresponding service order in Fullbay. This also allows them to view cross references in their search results, choose between various shipping methods, and compare parts prices while accessing real-time costs, inventory, and shipping dates.

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“Folks have been requesting advanced parts pricing for a while,” said Joe Blanco, VP of sales at Fullbay at the conference. He also stated that another high-request feature was “the ability to order parts through Fullbay. We’re really grateful for our product team, they’ve worked very hard.”

Finally, the last new feature is the ability for Fullbay Financials to transfer customer and vendor data from Fullbay to over a dozen other accounting software.

“You can integrate different financial systems other than QuickBooks into your Fullbay and have that work seamlessly,” Blanco explained. And the system will eliminate duplicate entries, too.

This feature will be available to customers with a Fullbay Connect plan, although those with specific financial software may require varying levels of Fullbay’s platform.

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