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Guardair Corporation introduces non-electrical discharge models of pneumatic vacuums

May 31, 2019
Static-conductive versions of the Personnel Cleaning Station and Machine Vac are designed for facilities where combustible materials are prevalent.

Guardair Corporation, manufacturer of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant safety air guns and pneumatic vacuums, has developed two vacuums for cleaning off workers and their workspaces in environments with combustible materials.

Both the Personnel Cleaning Station and Machine Vac are now available in Non-Electrical Discharge (NED) versions. Constructed from electrically conductive components that suppress the buildup of static charges, the Personnel Cleaning Station NED and the Machine Vac NED are ideal for vacuuming combustible materials commonly found in manufacturing, chemical, and food processing facilities.

Powered by standard shop compressed air, both units feature a high-efficiency, pneumatic vacuum and a 5.5-gallon static conductive container. With no electric motor to burn out, these units are virtually maintenance-free, according to the company. Both units can be mounted on a wall or other vertical surface to save shop-floor space.

Designed to clean combustible dust, powders, and chips off worker clothing and skin, the Personnel Cleaning Station NED features a static conductive vacuum hose and on-demand air-agitator brush attachment. The air-agitator is thumb switch operated and lifts particles airborne for transport to the container.

Designed for dry applications, the Machine Vac NED features a static conductive vacuum hose and aluminum crevice tool to safely vacuum combustible materials from machinery, equipment, and workspaces.

“Motors or switches on electric vacuums often generate arcs, or sparks,” says Tom Tremblay, president of Guardair. “And these can ignite an explosion in a combustible dust-filled location.” By contrast, Guardair pneumatic NED vacuums produce no arcs or sparks, besides suppressing static electric charges, thereby offering a safe alternative to conventional, electric powered vacuums.

Personnel Cleaning Station NED, No. CS3000NED, offers a safe alternative to the practice of self-cleaning with air guns in the presence of combustible materials. Machine Vac NED, No. MV2000NED, safely vacuums combustible materials found in manufacturing, chemical, and food processing facilities. Made in the U.S.

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