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New Pig introduces Shoe Sanitizer Floor System

Aug. 4, 2020
The Shoe Sanitizer Floor System provides employees and visitors the opportunity to safely remove dirt and debris, sanitize, and dry shoes upon entry to a facility.

New Pig introduced the Shoe Sanitizer Floor System, an all-in-one system that provides employees and visitors the opportunity to safely remove dirt and debris, sanitize, and dry shoes upon entry to virtually any facility.

Simply fill the mat tray with preferred disinfecting solution and immerse the soles of shoes and scrub. While the non-slip rubber scrapers remove dirt, contaminants, and germs, the adhesive-backed runner absorbs any disinfectant overflow or splashes to provide a safe walk-off surface for customers, employees, and visitors.

The adhesive-backed runner sticks to floors with a tight grip, peels up easily without leaving behind residue, and can be cleaned using a mop, floor scrubber, or vacuum – all without shifting, bunching up, or ripples that can cause slips and trips. The runner will stick to most commercial floor surfaces including concrete, VCT, linoleum, ceramic tile, quarry tile, and laminate.

The Shoe Sanitizer Floor System is designed for use at doorways, entrances, and transition areas in manufacturing settings, industrial warehouses, schools, commercial buildings, food warehouses, schools, food processing, healthcare, and childcare facilities.

The Shoe Sanitizer Mat can hold over half of a gallon of commercial/professional grade disinfectants, EPA List N disinfectants, alcohol, cleaners, and sanitizers. It includes 50 percent more “fingers” than standard scraper mats, according to the company, designed for dislodging.

The Shoe Sanitizer Floor System offers several adhesive-backed mat options including:

  • Printed message runner
  • Carpeted runner
  • Carpeted rug (4’ by 6’ Berber carpet)
  • Floor mat runner
  • Floor mat rug (3’ by 5’ floor mat)
  • High-visibility runner

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