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Tool Review: Wolverine Marauder Boots

June 8, 2012
Reviewer says boots are comfortable, fit well and aren't too hot in the summer.

The Wolverine Marauder waterproof, 6" lace-up boot features Wolverine Contour Welt construction, designed to deliver the flexibility of a sport shoe with the durability and support of a traditional work boot. The unique contour-stitched arch provides excellent range of movement.

This boot also includes the MultiShox comfort system outsole featuring individual compression pads in the heel and forefoot which absorb impact and return energy with each step. Made with a waterproof full-grain leather upper, the Marauder also features 400g Thinsulate insulation and is abrasion-, chemical-, heat-, oil- and slip-resistant.

The review

The boots were worn for six months by Chuck Benhart, one of the two shop owners at Auto Tech & Body in Roselle, IL. Chuck said being that they're safety shoes, they can get "a little heavy" on days he works in the office, but he quickly added that "they're good for working in the shop. Comfortable, fit well and not too hot in summer."

Chuck says his part of the country (right outside of Chicago) "didn't really have winter this year," but since these boots are waterproof, he feels they would be just as good in true winter weather too. He estimates they will probably last him about two years, as long as, or longer than, most other work boots he's owned over the years.

Chuck knows that in this occupation, there's no reason to buy cheap boots, and he expected that these work boots "are not cheap." When informed of their average retail price, he said they are worth it.

So according to our reviewer, the boots fit well, are comfortable on the shop floor and appear to be worth the asking price. When asked for any additional thoughts, Chuck's response was simple and to the point: "I like them."

About the Author

Jacques Gordon

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