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Tool Review: Ken-Tool Heavy Duty Universal Weight Hammer

Feb. 12, 2015
Reviewer appreciates the weight of the hammer, its soft face and its versatility.

The Ken-Tool Heavy Duty Universal Wheel Weight Hammer, No. 35359, is designed to install and remove larger clip-on wheel weighs for heavy duty trucks ranging in wheel diameter from 16" to 24.5" or larger. The 28 oz cast steel head provides extra force to install the clips in one blow. The anti-marring polymer head is replaceable and will not damage or mar delicate wheel materials like chrome or aluminum. For removing the weights, the replaceable chromoly hook fits even the smallest of weights without modification. The mar-free strike face protects the surface of aluminum and chrome-plated wheels from damage caused by an errant hammer strike.

The Review

The Ken-Tool Heavy Duty Universal Weight Hammer was tested on several different repairs by Eric Moore, co-owner of DeMary Trucks, and his technicians at Moore’s Columbus, Ohio-based shop. In addition to using the tool for the removal and installation of wheel weights, the techs at DeMary Truck employed it for valve adjustments and testing a starter motor.

“The weight of the hammer, combined with the soft face, really make it versatile,” says Moore. “Being able to replace the facing is an even bigger benefit.”

According to Moore, the techs at his shop perform valve adjustments on a regular basis. Having the Ken Tool Heavy Duty Universal Weight Hammer was a major convenience for them when they conducted that type of work.

“They found that the Ken-Tool Heavy Duty Universal Wheel Weight Hammer was perfectly suited for breaking the seal between the head and valve cover, without damaging the cover like a metal face hammer could,” says Moore. “With the (tool’s) soft face and weight, it was a near-perfect balance.”

When the Ken- Tool Heavy Duty Universal Weight Hammer was used for testing a starter motor, one tech tapped on it while another one turned the key.

“The hammer had enough weight to encourage the starter to engage, without worrying about possibly breaking the armature magnet, which can happen when using a metal-faced hammer to strike the starter,” says Moore.

He also states that the tool was “very straightforward and easy to use,” and that he appreciates the fact that the removal clip is built in for the weights.

Moore admits there was one drawback to using the hammer.

“The Ken-Tool Heavy Duty Universal Weight Hammer removal hook was a little idiosyncratic to use,” he says, noting that the first one was damaged while trying to find the proper angle for removal. He adds that “several times” the hook pulled out of the tool and needed to be reset and tightened.

That being said, Moore really appreciates the tools versatility. He says he feels the tool can be used (or even rebranded by Ken-Tool) as a soft face removal hammer. The vast majority of techs at DeMary Truck use them for delicate removals, but once the facing on those tools is damaged or cut, the entire hammer must be replaced. Having the Ken-Tool Heavy Duty Universal Weight Hammer at their disposal would eliminate the need to purchase one or more soft face hammers.

“I could see the possibilities for offering different materials for replacement or interchangeable facings,” says Moore. “One hammer could replace an entire drawer full.”

For a number of reasons, the co-owner of DeMary Truck decided to rate the tool a 10 out of 10.

“Based on the feedback I received from our techs, the versatility the tool provides, and the potential for alternative and interchangeable material faces, this Ken Tool Heavy Duty Universal Wheel Weight Hammer definitely deserves a 10.”

About the Author

Mike Schmidt

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