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Tech Tip: Mayhew's Speedy Universal Tie Rod tool

April 19, 2015

The following article serves to answer frequently-asked questions about the Mayhew Speedy Universal Inner Tie Rod Tool, No. 29910. 

Product description: The Mayhew Speedy Universal Inner Tie Rod Tool, No. 29910, is a universal tool designed to remove and mount inner tie rods on vehicles. The patented roller and cam mechanism adapts itself automatically to the shape and diameter of the inner tie rod. This tool grips securely on round, hexagonal and octagonal tie rods, and it accommodates most every length and diameter tie rod. Extended working diameter range includes: 35mm to 45mm and 1-3/8” to 1-3/4”. The tool's profile allows easy use in confined spaces, and a long shaft tube helps keep wrenches from damaging auto body.

Q: What Makes Mayhew’s Tie Rod Tool unique?

A: The patented Speedy Universal Tie Rod tool covers the widest range of all shapes (round, hex, or flattened) and sizes (10mm size range) of any inner tie rod tool on the market. It is designed to remove and mount inner tie rods on vehicles.

The design provides an all-in-one, professional-grade tool eliminating attachments common with standard tie rod tools, which can be lost or come loose while working. Not having to find, change or secure inserts saves time on the job and makes removing and installing tie rods a faster process.

Q: Will the Tie Rod tool work on all vehicles?

A: Yes. The patented roller and cam mechanism allows this single-piece tie rod tool to securely fit over 99 percent of the inner tie rods on the market today.

The Mayhew Tie Rod tool, No. 29910, allows for easy, one-handed operation. We have recently introduced a supplemental roller cage with a range of 28–38 mm (No. 29916) that can be purchased separately to extend the range for new sub-compact cars recently introduced.

Q: Are there any special instructions?

A: Each Speedy comes packaged with full instructions. The Tie Rod tool is intended only for removal and installation of inner tie rod tools. The Tie Rod tool is simple to care for and has very few replacement parts. In the rare instance that the cam mechanism needs to be replaced, we do offer the assembly as a repair kit (No. 29915).

Never use a hammer or similar tool to force the tie rod tool onto the inner tie rod. The tool should slide on easily by turning it back and forth. It is designed for torque to be applied in a smooth and continuous manner. Using an impact wrench of any type can damage the tool. It should only be used with a 30mm or 1-3/8” socket attached to a ratchet or breaker bar.

Q: How do I warranty my tool if something breaks?

A: The Speedy Universal Tie Rod tool is designed and constructed to provide a lifetime of use, and carries a lifetime Mayhew Pro warranty.  If there is a warranty claim, do not return the entire tool. The recommended method is to field repair the tool. Only the damaged roller cartridge should be returned and a #29915 field repair kit will be provided at no charge, as long as the tool has not been misused. 

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