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Top 10 Tools: Michael Bucey, Goose's Diesel Truck Parts & Service LLC

May 12, 2017
Based in Pleasant Valley, NY, this shop owner has been in business 24 years and sells truck parts, tools and service for the medium and heavy duty diesel truck industry.

Owner/Sole Organizer: Michael Bucey

Shop: Goose’s Diesel Truck Parts & Service LLC

Location: Pleasant Valley, NY

Michael Bucey is the owner/sole organizer of Goose’s Diesel Truck Parts and Service, located in Pleasant Valley, New York. Bucey graduated from TCI Diesel Tech School in 1988. He opened his own 3,600 sq. ft. diesel truck shop in 1992. It was a tough learning curve, and he almost closed the doors in 1996, but he held on through the rough financial times.

In 1998, he started selling truck parts. Now, after 24 years in business, he has a 12,000 sq. ft. facility with over 1,000 percent more inventory than when he started. Today, Goose’s Diesel sells truck parts, tools and service for the medium duty and heavy duty diesel truck industry.

1. Snap-on Tools 14.4V 3.8” Drive MicroLithium Cordless Impact, No. CT761

This impact wrench provides 120 ft/lbs of torque output and produces 2,000 rpm of free speed to handle a wide range of applications. Bucey says this is the most powerful cordless impact that his shop has ever used.

2. Mac Tools Flex-Head Air Cut Off Tool, No. AT35A

This tool offers a patented three-position flexible head that adjusts 22.5 degrees in either direction. “I love the adjustable angle head,” says Bucey. “It gets into hard-to-reach spots.”

3. Power Probe III, No. PP319FTC

“This is a must for all shops,” Bucey says. This tester features an easy to-read backlit voltmeter for reading voltage at the tip. Bucey’s favorite feature is the power grounding. While Bucey uses the Power Probe III, he notes that his technicians have the “latest and greatest models,” which also work well.

4. Snap-on Tools 14.4V Cordless MicroLithium Polish/Prep Tool, No. CTPP761

Bucey appreciates that he doesn’t need to drag out a cord or air line to operate this tool. This tool features a two-speed gearbox providing 3,500 rpm/15,000 rpm and includes polishing, sanding and surface preparation accessories for applications on metal, solid surfaces, fiberglass and wood.

5. Mastercool 71475 Hydraulic Flaring Kit

“This is a great flaring tool for all steel brake, fuel gas and transmission lines,” Bucey says. “It does a flawless job with ease.”

6. Snap-on Tools PWZ3 Pliers Wrench

This wrench’s specially hardened jaws offer increased strength, and the inwardly angled teeth allow for a stronger, more secure grip on objects. “These channel lock pliers are by far the best we have used,” Bucey notes. “They have great leverage, and the harder you push, the harder they bite.”

7. Brownline Metal Works Digital Angle Gauge

Bucey appreciates that this tool can turn any torque wrench or ratchet into a torque-turn meter. It attaches using a magnet and can be used on any size drive or handle. The gauge gives users a quick, easy and convenient way of measuring angular rotation.

8. The S& G Tool Aid Wire Stripper, No. 19000

This tool cuts and strips solid or stranded 22-12 AWG wire and automatically adjusts to wire size. “We have numerous wire strippers in the shop,” says Bucey. “But this is the go-to wire stripper for the past 15 years.”

9. Streamlight rechargeable stylus Pro USB

This 6.15”, 1.9 oz compact light provides 70 lm at 50m, is durable and has a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable up to 300 times. Bucey likes that the light is bright, holds a charge well and that the battery is rechargeable. He notes that not only does he carry this light, each of his five technicians have one as well.

10. Blue-point/Snap-on 3/8” Drive 6-point Shallow Twist Impact Socket Set

“When bolts are stripped by someone else’s cheap tools, these are the go-to sockets that bite and remove all rounded hardware. These are used daily in our shop,” Bucey says. The sockets have an industrial finish and are packed in an included storage tray. 

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