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Top 10 Tools: Jason McMahon, AAA Auto and Repair

Aug. 15, 2017
Based in Greensboro, NC, this master technician uses his seven years of experience in the automotive industry to provide outstanding service for customers.

Technician: Jason McMahon

Shop: AAA Auto and Repair

Location: Greensboro, N.C.

Jason McMahon is a Master Technician at AAA Auto and Repair in Greensboro, N.C. McMahon began working in the automotive industry seven years ago as a general service technician. He quickly decided that this was the field for him, and furthered his career by taking classes at Guilford Technical Community College, online classes and any other NAPA training classes he could find. These classes gave him the background to thoroughly understand automotive repair. McMahon says that this knowledge has helped him find a job working for a reputable company with strong ethical values that puts understanding and care for the customers first.

1. GearWrench 13-pc XL GearBox Double Box Ratcheting Wrench SAE Master Set, No. 86999

These ratcheting wrenches feature a zero-degree offset and a slim profile. McMahon appreciates that the long handle and tight gear ratchet head allows these wrenches to move easily in tight spaces.

2. Sunex 1/2” Drive Deep 14-pc Metric Impact Socket Set, No. 2653

“These sockets are a quarter of the price of [competitors] and hold up just as well,” McMahon says. This set includes the most common sizes used for automotive repair and includes a heavy duty blow molded storage case.

3. Allstart Boost Max, No. 560

This jump starter has the ability to jump start up to 7.3L diesel engines and also can charge personal electronic devices. “This is one of the best jump starters I have used, “ McMahon says. “You can jump start 15 or more cars before you have to recharge.”

4. NAPA Balkamp Diagnostic Tech 200 TPMS Activation Tool, No. BK921542

“This is a great all-in-one programmer,” McMahon says. “It allows you to check TPMS before service.” The tool features comprehensive TPMS coverage, wireless Bluetooth capability and a lightweight ergonomic design.

5. Matco Tools 12V Cordless Infinium Polisher Kit, No. MCL12MPK2

This polisher kit is designed for polishing and fine-sanding tight areas and workspaces that are inaccessible by other power tools. McMahon appreciates that it is good for small jobs, lightweight and has a long battery life.

6. Mighty-Seven 1/2” Drive Air Impact Wrench, No. NC-410

“This is the strongest little gun I’ve used,” McMahon says. “With its size, you can put it anywhere.” The impact wrench offers 450 lb-ft of torque in a compact design that weighs only 3.5 lbs.

7. Matco Tools 20V Cordless Infinium 1/2" Drive High Performance Impact Wrench Kit, No. MCL2012HPIWK

The impact wrench features a powerful four-pole motor that generates 1,300 lb-ft of breakaway torque. “It works great for offsite repairs and work calls,” McMahon adds. “It’s very strong, with a long lasting battery.”

8. Matco Tools Convertible Under Hood Light, No. UHWLRC

This light offers two light output levels: 500 lm on low and 1,050 lm on high, and features rubber coated hood lamps and a flexible ratchet head. McMahan appreciates that it is portable and small, so it can be mounted anywhere.

9. Snap-on Tools 1/4" Recessed Square Drive Micro-Cordless Screwdriver, No. CTS661SK

McMahon says that this screwdriver is fast and easy to use. The tool features 100 lb-in of torque, twin-beam headlights to illuminate the work area, built-in brake stops and a quick 30-minute battery charge.

10. Snap-on Tools Cooling System Tester, No. SVTS262C

The tool tests pressure caps and cooling systems for leaks on a wide variety of domestic and import vehicles. The cap has a rotating lever for fine pressure adjustment. McMahan says, “It’s the best coolant tester I’ve used.”

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