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Top 10 Tools: Stacey David, GearZ TV

Aug. 10, 2018
This customization and restoration expert shares his top 10 tools.

Technician’s Name: Stacey David

Shop Name: GearZ TV

Location: Nashville, Tenn.

Stacey David started building and restoring cars as a teenager.

“I worked in several shops over the years, and apprenticed with some great teachers,” he says.

David had his own custom shop for several years, which led to building vehicles on TV. He has hosted several TV series over the last 20 years, and is currently the host of GearZ, a program featured on MAVTV. David has been building and restoring cars for over 30 years. He specializes in customization, fabrication and restoration.

“I love this industry because there are always new vehicles and tools and techniques coming out that keep you on your toes and moving forward,” David says.

1. Cornwell Flex Ratcheting Combination Box Wrench Sets

These wrenches offer a multi-drive, 12-point design that can be used on 6-point, 12-point, square, Torx, spline and rounded fasteners. “These things are absolutely a life saver when you need to reach into a difficult area and get hold of a stubborn nut or bolt. I use them all the time!” David says.

2. Kano Kroil

“For knocking rusty hardware loose, I’ve never found anything better than the Kano Industries Kroil,” David says. “If I need to break rusty hardware loose and not destroy it or a very rare or valuable part, this is the only penetrant I reach for.”

3. DAKE F-16 Bandsaw

This bandsaw offers a heavy duty robust frame construction designed to reduce wobble and vibration, and assure precise cuts and fewer cutting errors. “Whether I am cutting heavy stock or making intricate cuts, this is the cutting tool I use most,” David says.

4. Milwaukee FUEL Cordless Power Tools

David says that he used to use predominately air tools, but switched to cordless after finding these Milwaukee tools. “These are tough, strong and extremely reliable, and never far away when I am working,” he adds.

5. Zendex GoJak

“The GoJak is a combination jack and roller that fits under each tire and allows you to jack the vehicle off the ground and roll it around the shop in one step,” he says. “This saves hours of time, allowing one person to do in minutes what it usually takes several people 20 or 30 minutes to do.”

6. Accessible Systems Bottoms Up Lift Auto Rotisserie

“When doing full-on restorations or frame-off custom builds, pulling bodies off of frames is an important part of the job,” David says. “Once it’s stripped down, the ability to roll the body or frame on its side, or upside down, is paramount to doing the job right.” He appreciates that this rotisserie allows him to do this efficiently.

7. SATA 4000 Spray Gun

The SATA 4000 Spray Gun is designed to lay material down softly and evenly with high gloss and uniform paint distribution. David appreciates that this spray gun “feels right” in his hand.

8. Miller Electric Millermatic 252 MIG Welder

This welder features a large digital display and a built-in digital timer menu for standard wire feed run-in, shielding gas pre/post flow, wire burn-back and spot/delay. David says that he does a lot of welding, and this is his main machine for medium to heavy steel.

9. UniCure 1006 Zapper Downdraft Spray Booth

The 1006 is designed for improved air flow, superior lighting and to be easy and economical to operate. “You can’t spray without a decent place to do it, and the UniCure Zapper makes painting a car a pleasure.”

10. Woodward-Fab 3-in-1 Type Machines

The Woodward-Fab 3-in-1 Type Machines allow users to bend, sheer and roll sheet metal all in one machine. “Sometimes the simplest tools are still the best,” David says. “[This machine] is integral to most every metal project I do.”

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