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Tool Review: Lumax HandyLuber 12V Cordless Grease Gun with Two Batteries

April 9, 2020
The reviewer was glad to have a tool that kept technician movement and fatigue to a minimum.

When using certain tools or equipment around the shop, technicians can quickly become fatigued depending on the duration of the job. Fleet Manager Eric Moore of Griffin Pavement Striping in Columbus, Ohio, was pleased with the Lumax HandyLuber 12V Cordless Grease Gun with Two Batteries, No. LX-1176, because its ease of use “keeps technicians moving efficiently without hand cramps.”

The grease gun is not very heavy, Moore notes, and didn’t easily fatigue any of the technicians who used it. Though, the HandyLuber could be more strenuous when being used with a heavier, clay-based grease as opposed to a synthetic or petroleum product, Moore says.

Moore also liked that he could just pull the HandyLuber’s trigger, rather than using a lever-action or pistol grip, which are common features of more traditional grease guns.

Some assembly was required before use. Moore bought Lumax’s Extended Heavy Duty Quick Release Grease Coupler, No. LX-1403-XL, to use with the HandyLuber. In order to use the tool, Moore had to install the grease coupler, charge the grease gun’s batteries, and place a grease cartridge in the HandyLuber to prime it. After that, he was all set for use around the shop.

“We have more than 50 vehicles in our fleet, and most of them have vocational applications which we used the Lumax grease gun on,” explains Moore. “When performing the lubrication on the vocational bodies, the [grease coupler] really helped in the areas where access is difficult [with] two hands at the same time. Once the [grease coupler] was engaged the user could safely apply the grease.”

Moore estimates that technicians saved around 20 minutes or more per vehicle when using the HandyLuber.

Upon receiving the grease gun, Moore notes the Lumax tool comes in a blow molded case with spaces for the HandyLuber, its charger, and the batteries. There is also extra space in the case for additional tips or another hose.

After putting the tool to the test, Moore had only one improvement to recommend for the grease gun – an extra battery.

“Compared to other cordless offerings, the Lumax 12V Grease Gun was just a little short of usable time,” Moore says. “I could see where on larger equipment it may run out of juice before completion. With an extra battery included, I doubt this would result in much lost time, provided [the battery] was charged and ready.”

Overall, Moore believes “the cordless grease gun is a solid tool that would make a good addition to any toolbox for performing basic maintenance and lubrication services.”

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Emily Markham | Assistant Editor | Vehicle Repair Group

Emily Markham is an assistant editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

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