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Tool Review: Mityvac FST Pro, No. MV5545

May 14, 2020
The reviewer found this product essential in testing the performance of returnless fuel delivery systems on 2000 and newer vehicles.

Product Description: The Mityvac FST Pro, No. MV5545, helps users diagnose and pinpoint common fuel system failures including failing fuel pump, faulty pressure regulator, blocked filters, pinched fuel line, contaminated fuel, and fuel tank vortex. The tester measures fuel system pressure and flow to accurately pinpoint fuel system failures and can help save troubleshooting time by diagnosing a bad fuel pump and other related drivability problems. The patented system simulates extreme driving conditions in the shop to provide an accurate diagnosis. The tool is capable of testing both return and returnless fuel systems including electronic control, and provides clear visualization of fuel to detect impurities and air bubbles. The kit includes a 3.5” high-pressure gauge with rubber boot, push-button relief valve, and hanging hook; 4’ long pressure test hose; inline pressure test hose with 1/4-turn valve; 37 adapters for connecting to most U.S., European, and Asian manufactured automobiles; a pressure relief hose; custom molded case; and an operator's manual.

   The Review: Scott Brown, owner of Connie & Dick’s Service Center in Claremont, California, says he’s been testing fuel delivery systems for many years using a flow meter – a test, he’s found, many shops do not bother to perform. “Since most of the vehicles we see today are returnless, the [Mityvac FST Pro – Fuel System Tester, No. MV5545,] makes it quick and easy to make a professional assessment as to the performance of the fuel delivery system,” Brown says. The Mityvac FST Pro arrived at Brown’s California shop packaged with a carry toolbox that can house the entire kit. Although for quick access, Brown recommends hanging the assembled unit from a point approximately 6.5’ in the air, to ensure that the lines are straight, which makes the unit very accessible for its next use. Brown noted that the product included many of the popular quick connect fittings required for technicians to quickly access the fuel deliver system. Additionally, the tool had a bypass circuit so technicians could measure the fuel pressure and flow dynamically. Brown says after just a few connections, and a quick read of the manual, he was up and running within 30 minutes. “Once you understand what testing you’re about to perform, and how to make a connection to the vehicle, usage is fairly straightforward,” Brown says. He adds, the included manual has “a lot of great information,” including a fuel flow specifications table for various engine sizes and maximum RPM levels which provide the service technician with valuable reference data.” Brown put the fuel tester to use on vehicles with drivability related issues that required him to validate the fuel pump/delivery system. In using the Mityvac FST Pro – Fuel System Tester, No. MV5545, he quickly appreciated the unit’s rugged build, its quality connections, gauges, the gauge bleed-off valve, and a bypass valve which he said was “essential in testing the performance of the returnless fuel delivery system found on most vehicles built since 2000.” In future iterations of the tool, he noted he would like to see longer service hoses, which would make for an easier time connecting to the fuel system from under the vehicle. Thanks to its above-average build quality and ease of use, Brown found the Mityvac FST Pro – Fuel System Tester MV5545 helped him to quickly and easily perform essential checks on fuel delivery systems present on today’s vehicles.    

To view Brown's video review of this product, visit https://www.vehicleservicepros.com/21117380

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Sara Scullin | Editor | PTEN and Professional Distributor

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