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Tool Review: Dent Fix MAXI DF-505/220V

Aug. 6, 2020
The quick setup time won over this tool reviewer.

Setup time can make all the difference when selecting which piece of equipment to use for a job. This holds true for Jack Thornton, autobody technician at Brennan Bodyworks in Orlando, Florida. Although he has another dent pulling station in the shop, he prefers the Dent Fix MAXI DF-505/220V because it’s easier to set up and easier to maneuver around the shop.

“[The MAXI] doesn’t come with a big, bulky station,” Thornton says. “The other one we have pretty much does the exact same [work], but it’s a lot harder to set up and speed-wise we obviously want to be efficient.” 

The setup time was just minutes, Thornton says. It’s a matter of unrolling the cord, plugging it into the wall, and once the metal is cleaned, the machine is attached and ready to go. Once the metal work is done, technicians then sand it down and start on the filler work. Thornton noted that sometimes he didn’t have to do filler work because the machine pulled the dents out nicely.

Brennan Bodyworks is a collision repair shop that specializes, and is certified, in Audi and Porsche. Thornton has used the MAXI on most, if not all, Audi’s that have steel panels, as well as Porsche. “I’ve used it on any steel panel that you can repair; it’s very versatile,” Thornton says.

He did note that there are guidelines to follow from manufacturers to know what can be repaired versus what needs to be replaced. For example, if there is a kink in a rear body panel that has been dented but is in a certain crush zone, that panel needs to be replaced, he says. If it’s a couple of dents that are pushed in a bit, then he will use the MAXI to pull them out.

His favorite feature is the handle. He likes how he can use the lifter bar and attach a welded rod (included) to pull out dents with leverage off another adjacent panel, or wheel, without causing any damage.

In addition, Thornton noted the MAXI has different settings that can be adjusted depending on the job and that it comes with several attachments that can be easily changed.

Instructions were included. Although, he said the machine was easy to understand and that he was able to figure it out. He did read the precautionary items for safety.  

“It’s an advanced tool, but at the same time it’s a simple tool,” Thornton says. “It’s pretty self-explanatory.”  

He made one slight adjustment to the unit. He switched out the magnet on the grounding clamp with a magnet that he is able to turn on and off. The original magnet collected metal shavings and with the replacement magnet, he can drop the metal shavings easily. 

“That’s the only thing I changed on it, but that was just my preference,” he says. “The magnet was fine."

According to Thornton, the Dent Fix MAXI DF-505/220V is a great tool, and he loves having it in the shop. 

“Once you learn how the tool works and the settings [necessary for each job], it’s a ‘grab and go’ tool to get your job done efficiently and effectively and still put out quality work,” he says.

About the Author

Kayla Oschmann | Assistant Editor | Vehicle Repair Group

Kayla Oschmann is assistant editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

With an education in journalism and public relations, Oschmann contributes to Fleet MaintenancePTEN, and Professional Distributor magazines, as well as VehicleServicePros.com.

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