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Tool Review: Streamlight Syclone

Sept. 10, 2020
The reviewer enjoyed the duality of having both a flood light and a spotlight in one compact worklight.

Worklights come in all shapes and sizes, but most only have one lighting option. Contrary to that, Streamlight’s Syclone worklight has two lighting options – a cool, white LED that functions as a spot beam and a CRI LED that functions as a floodlight. Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc., in Huntingburg, Indiana, says the tool’s dual lighting option saves valuable time when working on a job that requires switching between lighting modes.

Upon arrival, Fort says the Syclone came in a clear, plastic box with an internal wrapper. The back of the wrapper states the details of the light, going into the specifications of each of its different modes. A charging cord and operation instructions are included with the worklight. Fort found the instructions easy to understand, though as the Syclone itself is simple to operate, they weren’t necessary.

Fort enjoys the duality and versatility of the worklight, saying, “The lamp being able to pivot 360 degrees makes it extremely versatile. I didn’t encounter any situation where I wasn’t able to shine the light where it was needed.”

While doing a repair, the dual LED options saved Fort from having the switch between lights. He was able to use the cool, white spotlight when locating a connector and was quickly able to switch to the CRI floodlight to identify the correct wire to be tested or repaired.

Additionally, Fort finds the size of the light and the placement of the hook, which allows for handsfree use, to be a great combination.

Around the shop, Fort used the Syclone on various jobs, like repairing a trailer with both brake and lamp issues or while replacing an ISS in a 4160e transmission. He notes it has also been stuck to many strut towers while doing brake work on a variety of vehicles.

Prior to the Syclone, Fort has used similar cordless LEDs over the years, but this is the first one to have two different lighting modes built-in.

In the future, Fort would like to see a few changes in the Syclone design.

“While the Syclone does have a pair of magnets made into the base, they need to be stronger,” Fort says. “I found it was easier to dislodge than I felt it should be. The magnets did however give us a few good drop tests of the lamp. These drops did no real damage outside of popping the covers off the sides that covered up the screws holding the lamp to the base.”

Fort would also like to see a version of the Syclone where the light could still be used while plugged in for charging.

Overall, Fort found Streamlight’s Syclone worklight to be a durable and versatile tool.

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Emily Markham | Assistant Editor | Vehicle Repair Group

Emily Markham is an assistant editor for the Vehicle Repair Group.

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