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Tool Review: Wiha Tools SoftFinish Multi-Drivers, Nos. 77890 and 77891

April 28, 2022
The reviewer said both sets were super easy to use.

Not having to carry a dozen different screwdrivers around the shop, especially when moving from one application to another, can be a real time saver, said Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, Indiana. With Wiha Tools’ SoftFinish Multi-Drivers, Fort was able to grab one screwdriver and interchange its bits as needed, enabling him to carry on with his day.

Fort reviewed both Wiha Tools Multi-Drivers sets: the 6inOne Multi-Drivers, No. 77890, and 11inOne Multi-Drivers, No. 77891. Both were “super easy” to use. “The bits and shafts both pull out easy and go back in just as easy,” he said. “All you have to do is either flip the bit or the shaft and bit, depending on what fastener you’re working on.”

What he liked most about the multi-drivers is how they fit in the palm of his hand. The tools feature an ergonomic cushion grip for comfort.

He also liked the number of tip choices and their construction. The 6inOne multi-tool includes four screwdriver and two nut driver tips, whereas the 11inOne tool includes eight screwdriver and three nut driver tips. “All of the bit tips are very high quality and provide a solid slip-free grip on the fasteners,” Fort noted on their precision machined tips.

In the shop, Fort mostly used the multi-drivers on lower bottom panels for a variety of makes and models. The tools have also been “quite useful” when changing air filters on Volkswagens and on Volvo and Audi engine components covers, where Fort said one can find two to three different Torx head fasteners.

“I used to use several different screwdrivers or use a bit assortment,” Fort noted. “I don’t anymore. [Now] I’m using the 11inOne Multi-Driver.”

As a technician who’s seen many tools in his career, Fort has used similar multi-tool bit drivers for years. While a few had switchable shafts, he’s never seen or used one where the shaft flips.

The only improvement Fort would recommend is having a set that offered different length shafts. “That would be helpful,” he noted.

Even still, Fort said without question the Wiha Tools SoftFinish Multi-Driver sets are both “top shelf” tools, offering high quality at an affordable price.

This Tool Review originally appeared on VehicleServicePros.com.

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