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Product spotlight: Oil spill solutions

May 31, 2023
Shop technicians work in an oil-rich environment, with the possibility for spills and subsequent slips around every drain pan. Here are some quick cleanup solutions to corral messes before they impact safety.

While oils and lubricants are critical to keeping engines healthy, they can cause quite a mess in the shop when spilled. This creates the potential for slips and falls, while also creating a mess around the shop and possibly inside the vehicle. These products can help mitigate spills and keep the shop clean and safe.

Oil Eater’s Overnight Stain Remover

The Overnight Stain Remover from Oil Eater treats oil and grease stain surfaces found in shops everywhere that might otherwise be difficult to clean, including concrete, asphalt, and brick. Technicians need only to apply the remover, let it dry for 12 hours, then sweep away the remains. The substance works for both exterior and interior environments, including fuel pads, parking garages, and driveways.

“I have tried other more labor-intensive products in the past with limited success, so I was skeptical about the performance claims of the Overnight Stain Remover,” said Greg Dunker, GM of Dennis K. Burke’s Lubricants Division. “After using the Overnight Stain Remover, I was very impressed by the product’s ease of use and ability to eliminate stubborn stains that even our powered floor machines had not been able to remove.”

Andax Industries’ Big Containment Pac

Andax Industries’ Big Containment Pac can handle even the largest spills with its all-in-one functionality and 110 gallons of containment. With its 18” by 15” by 5” vacuum-sealed package, the Pac is easy to store and can handle non-aggressive chemicals, chemical & HazMat, oil, and oil-based fluids. Included in the kit are three 48” oil-selective Sorb-Sox (mini-booms), 20 15” by 19” oil-selective absorbent pads, a disposal bag and tie, protective gloves, and a 60” by 10” high pop-up containment pool with a carrying case and C02 cylinder.

“All the benefits of the Andax Pac compact spill kit are combined with our really big containment pop-up pool,” said Patrick McAtarian, Andax Industries GM.  

SpillTech's Universal 65-Gallon OverPack Salvage Drum Spill Kit

The 65-Gallon OverPack Salvage Drum Spill Kit from SpillTech includes a variety of sorbents for oils, coolants, solvents, or water, all within a 65-gallon DOT-approved salvage drum with a twist-on, double-wall lid with a closed-cell gasket. Made of polyethylene, the drum is durable and secure enough to protect its sorbents from moisture, dirt, damage, and rust.

“Greases and oils are very, very slippery—and you have a lot of people walking around,” said Susan Naser, VP of sales and marketing, SpillTech. “So, you need to make sure those floors are clean and dry and oil-free so that you don’t have slips and falls, which is the No. 1 worker comp[ensation] situation in most facilities. Drips lead to slips.”

Tub O’ Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes

FedPro’s Tub O’ Towels Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes come with a powerful cleaning agent formula that is just as good for hands as it is for messes in the shop. 100% soaked in solution that contains lanolin, aloe vera, and vitamin E, these 10” by 12” towels are applicable for grease, ink, thread sealant, and more, and come in a container with a VaporLock lid to minimize evaporation. Includes 90 sheets per container.

“One of the hardest aspects of being a repair shop on wheels is having to deal with oil-based messes at a client’s home or place of business,” noted Richard “Chuck” Fasulo, owner of Check Engine Chuck. “We always keep Tub O’ Towels on hand in order to clean spills in, or around, engine bays, on our equipment, and of course, our hands!”

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