Lumax 2020 Cover

Lumax 2020 Product Catalog available for digital download

May 18, 2020
The product catalog features new products and the full line of available products.

The Lumax Full Line Product Catalog is available for digital download. The catalog has new and innovative products such as: The Quick-Release Coupler XL, Counter Displays, Lubrication Kit with 11 of Lumax’s most popular Lube Accessories, and Quick-Connect Grease Needle Injection Adapter. Lumax's lubrication and fluid management products are built to high standards and incorporate many unique features that make work easier, faster, and cost-effective, the company says.

Lumax has proudly served the professional automotive, industrial, agricultural, hardware, and retail markets with lubrication products for over two decades. Lumax continues to grow by building its relationships and business with a strong foundation in products, customer service, and value. The Lumax mission is to provide automotive, agricultural, and industrial professionals with innovative and high-quality products to get the job "done right.”