Photo courtesy of IPA
3-pc Specialty Blow Gun Assortment, No. 8055

IPA launches 3-pc Specialty Blow Gun Assortment

Sept. 3, 2020
The set contains three 7″ blow guns with time-saving and unique features.

Innovative Products of America introduced the 3-pc Specialty Blow Gun Assortment, No. 8055. The BlowBack Gun, No. 8058, cleans debris from the bottom of a bolt hole and out of all the threads. The Air Bender Blow Gun, No. 8056, reaches hard-to-access areas with a focused, high-pressure, 90-degree angle output – a very intuitive and safe design that allows the blow-back to be away from the user’s face. The Air Scraper Blow Gun, No. 8057,  is designed to remove gasket materials hardened to a surface. The stainless-steel shaft and hardened scraper tip combine air pressure and scouring action to remove and blow away stuck-on debris faster than other methods, the company says.

“We are excited about the many applications of this new product line,” said Ian Vinci, President of IPA. “These blow guns are major time savers and solve everyday problems from cleaning head-bolt holes, anchor-bolt holes, manifolds, and gasket surfaces to removing grease or rust, and blowing out channels, injector ports, et cetera.”

The 3-pc Specialty Blow Gun Assortment blow gun tubes are 3/8” in diameter, 7″ long, and made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel.