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BendPak completes East Coast expansion

June 7, 2023
The strategically located BendPak distribution center has expanded to meet the demands of eastern-U.S. customer base, as well as some 15 western states.

BendPak, an automotive lift manufacturer, has opened a new 90,000-sq.-ft. building on its Alabama campus, nearly doubling the size of its East Coast logistics and distribution center. The expansion has enabled the California company to dramatically increase its inventory capacity and call center staffing.

Shortly after establishing its original 100,000-sq.-ft. Alabama facility in early 2020, BendPak bought the adjoining property and began work on the new building. The state-of-the-art facility features warehouse space, multiple docks, covered flatbed staging and loading areas, administrative offices, and a call center.

“Opening this new facility is part of our ongoing efforts to maximize product availability while minimizing time-in-transit to customers across the United States,” said Rudy Diaz, BendPak chief operating officer. “It’s fully stocked with the most popular lifts and shop equipment from across our brand lineup, including BendPak, Ranger, QuickJack, Cool Boss, and Dannmar, all supported by a dedicated team of local employees.”

The distribution center is strategically located in the heart of one of America’s largest logistic hubs in Mobile County, Alabama.

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