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Gray Manufacturing founder Joseph Laurence Gray, age 100, passed away peacefully on June 17, 2023.

In Memoriam: 'Keep[ing] up the good work' and remembering Joseph Laurence Gray

June 22, 2023
Joseph "Joe" Laurence Gray, founder of Gray Manufacturing, died June 17 at age 100. The company continues today under fourth generation family leadership.

Joseph Laurence Gray, age 100, passed away peacefully on June 17, 2023.

In 1952, Joe decided to come back to St. Joseph after his time in the United States Navy, and join his father in business. His dad had been a tire dealer for many years and was a mechanically inclined tinkerer with several patents to his name. He realized that there was no good way to lift a vehicle for tire service and he had some good ideas and concepts he had developed. His dad realized that he needed some help and some engineering expertise to see his vision move forward.

Together, Joe and his father designed the BF-100, a pneumatic bumper jack. This was the beginning of Gray Manufacturing Co. Inc., which was incorporated on April 15, 1952. For the next 70 years, Joe led and grew a family business that he was always proud of and truly considered to be his family. Even in his final years Joe tried to walk the shop and office floors at Gray Manufacturing and talk to every person he could each and every day, telling them what a good job they were doing and always emphasizing the all-important job of taking care of the customer. According to those at Gray Manufacturing, Joe would always encourage Gray team members and others to "Keep up the good work."

Gray Manufacturing continues today under fourth generation family leadership and employment. Today Gray has more than 150 products, 250 plus team members, and sells products all over the world.

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