Opti Cat Jnp Soft Logos

OptiCat, JNPSoft launch new logo and branding

March 31, 2022
JNPSoft and OptiCat will retain the unique offerings and positioning of each brand while also unifying their “go-to-market” approach.

OptiCat and JNPSoft announced that they are launching a new unified branding strategy in concert with the broader TecAlliance Group. JNPSoft and OptiCat will retain the unique offerings and positioning of each brand while also unifying their “go-to-market” approach. “Our new look compliments our drive to providing exceptional products and services to our customers,” the company stated.

OptiCat and JNPSoft brands are focused on the needs of suppliers and data receivers in North America that use the Auto Care Association ACES and PIES Standards. The new logo was designed to pay homage to the roots of the brands and build upon brand legacy, with a heritage and continued commitment to excellence and great customer service, according to the company. The brand update intends to provide an important and recognizable tool to market innovative products effectively.

The brand update is based on three pillars: customer orientation, identity, and a contemporary look and feel. “Our products, services, reputation, and relationships are our most valuable assets,” the company said in its announcement of the branding strategy launch. “Creating a strong brand provides us with a platform to market our unique offerings, for the benefit of our customers.”

“We are very pleased to bring these two great brands to market at a time when the digitalization needs of the market are expanding rapidly,” said Charley Johnson, CEO of OptiCat and JNPSoft. “JNPSoft brings one of the most effective Product Information Management System (PIMS) in the market, the PartCat system, great OE data, and superior data services, while OptiCat brings the fastest-to-market catalog data delivery services, great e-catalog services, and programs to bring suppliers and their channel partners closer together. Our new branding will help us to get our cohesive message to the market.”

“Unifying these two strong brands under a similar look and feel reflects the close cooperation and collaboration we enjoy with each other and with our customers,” said Nat Di Censo, Chief Operating Officer of the Customer Programs Group of OptiCat and JNPSoft. “We will continually strive to make the OptiCat and JNPSoft team the best choice as service provider for the aftermarket industry. Our new logo mirrors our ability to provide the best data solutions to our customers.”

“Our overall objective is to provide a cohesive and effective vehicle to better serve the needs of our customers in North and Central America,” added Bryan Thueson, Chief Operating Officer of the Major Programs Group of OptiCat and JNPSoft.