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Whitepaper: Maintenance and service considerations for heavy duty aftertreatment systems

Nov. 24, 2020
Part two of a two-part series.

There is a lot said on diesel particulate filters (DPFs), but it often seems there are no solutions available. Indeed, repairing and preventing DPF issues is what this whitepaper, presented by Jaltest Diagnostics, is all about.

All the aftertreatment system parts are broken down into detail, as well as the different stages of the issues that arise within these. DPF regens and resets are exposed so the technician is able to address and solve every problem, going to the core of the matter. Furthermore, recurrent pain points like fault codes that appear while performing the DPF regen and those in-between codes that makes the job difficult are also covered.

Part two of a two-part series, this whitepaper provides details on the following: 

  • DPF in detail: regen types, resets and replacement
  • Maintenance on the rest of the aftertreatment system
  • Reoccurring aftertreatment issues
  • Diagnostic tools and the aftertreatment system

Download the whitepaper for more information.