Report: The 2024 State of Heavy-Duty Repair

May 8, 2024
From capitalizing on the latest revenue trends to implementing strategic financial planning—this report serves as a roadmap for navigating the challenges and opportunities of 2024. Get access to insights, benchmarks, and more for heavy-duty repair.

Download your copy today and learn how to:

  • Maximize Your Profitability: Align your operations with the top-performing shops across the country to achieve a net profit margin between 11-20%.
  • Strategically Adjust Labor Rates: Capitalize on the 9% nationwide increase in labor rates to boost your revenue and gain a competitive edge.
  • Build A Financial Plan: Secure your business through a strategic approach to financial planning, helping you achieve long-term success.

You'll discover how to leverage key insights and new opportunities in the commercial repair industry. Get your copy today!