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Versatile collaborates with Cummins, Elevāt, and STW Technic

Nov. 29, 2022
The Candian-based company's recent partnership allows users access to their vehicle data through a singular platform, allowing for greater monitoring and uptime.

On the heels of the recently announced collaboration between Elevāt and Cummins Inc. resulting in the integration of Cummins’ Connected Diagnostics application with the Elevāt Machine Connect IoT platform, the companies are pleased to welcome STW Technic and Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries, Inc., to the collaboration. This unique combined effort means Canadian-based tractor manufacturer, Versatile, will deliver sophisticated diagnostics, remote management, and support for its tractor line (Model Year 2022 and beyond).

“Working hand-in-hand with the teams at Cummins, STW Technic, and Versatile has resulted in a customized, combined IoT solution that provides greater insight and control than ever before,” said Adam Livesay, co-founder, Elevāt. “Now, on top of the existing machine management capabilities of the existing Versatile CBX telematics system, Versatile tractor owners and fleet operators can easily access Cummins engine diagnostic messages, receive real time alerts, and immediate resolution advice in a single dashboard. This makes troubleshooting and repairs faster leading to increased value from every deployed Versatile tractor."

With STW Technic gateways installed on the Versatile tractors, engine and machine data is wirelessly transmitted to the customized CBX Versatile platform enabling uninterrupted monitoring of the agricultural machines. System faults can be diagnosed and resolution recommendations that can be implemented either remotely or on-site are delivered instantaneously.

“Having worked with Elevāt and STW Technic to develop the CBX system for our dealer network and our customers, adding in Cummins Connected Diagnostics was a no-brainer," said says Erron Leafloor, Versatile. "We already had robust machine connectivity software from Elevāt and gateways from STW Technic aboard our tractors. With the customized portal Elevāt provides giving our customers a single application that now rolls in engine diagnostics directly from Cummins, we knew this would deliver on our core value of providing easy to maintain, reliable tractors for our customers. They are already experiencing the benefits of the combined solution." 

Elevāt Machine Connect streamlines collection and analysis of Versatile’s off-road equipment data, making it easy to review usage trends and providing unrivaled operational insight, remote diagnostics and updates, and intelligent asset management.

The infographic below demonstrates the end-to-end transmission of data, from the smart fault detection all the way through to the actionable insights provided to Versatile dealers, owners, and fleet managers via the Versatile CBX portal, a customized Elevāt portal environment.

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