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Nexar Fleets adds geofencing to their AI dashcams

Aug. 7, 2023
AI-powered dash cams by Nexar Fleets are giving fleets what they need to set boundaries on their own terms.

Fleet management solutions Nexar Fleets has added geofencing to their AI-powered dash cams giving fleet owners the ability to set up virtual boundaries for their assets.

The technology, geared toward small business owners, gives real-time alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a specified area then is displayed on a dashboard featuring a map. Live GPS locations help fleets eliminate unnecessary detours and enhance fuel economy.

The AI-based system collects real-time data from each vehicle informing fleet management of the drivers behavior with an inside-facing camera and preventing collisions with its outward-facing camera.

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"It has been a real game-changer for my business allowing me to ensure the safety of my drivers and my vehicles. Via the dashboard, I now have all the information I need in real time – it’s almost as if I am sitting in the passenger seat myself,” according to Rocco Santamaria, owner of a Laundry Pickup & Delivery business, who has been using Nexar Fleets for several months.

Nexar says it will soon launch its Collision Reconstruction feature that will show a collision second-by-second, while including crucial information such as the speed of a crash. After that, they company says it will introduce Remote Fetching, where drivers will be able to create clips from a live drive.

“Already trusted by thousands of drivers, our dash cams provide 24/7 protection of vehicles parked and in motion, disrupting the market by providing affordable, top level security to under-served fleet systems,” said Eran Shir, Nexar’s CEO and Co-Founder. “No matter the fleet size, Nexar automatically detects important incidents and uploads them onto the cloud, always protecting drivers against any false claims.”

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