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United Road to use Uptake for predictive maintenance

Nov. 30, 2020
United Road chooses Uptake’s AI software to increase the uptime of its fleet, minimize maintenance costs, and improve the driver experience.

Uptake announced that United Road has deployed Uptake’s AI-enabled predictive maintenance software across its U.S. fleet. The United Road Family of Companies provides vehicle and heavy-haul transportation services, shipping over 4 million units annually for customers throughout the United States and Canada. Specifically, United Road is using the Uptake Radar application to reduce breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs, and ultimately, maximize mileage for its drivers while meeting its commitment to on-time, safe transport of vehicles to its customers.

The competition for commercial truck drivers is at an all-time high, and United Road is leaning into technology that can help increase operational efficiency, which in turn, is attractive for recruiting and retaining drivers. A shared objective between United Road and Uptake is to keep drivers on the road, optimizing earnings while mitigating the risk of unexpected breakdowns, costly maintenance, and time delays.

Using vehicles’ existing telematics, fluids, and historical work order data, Uptake Radar delivers predictive maintenance insights and recommendations before a breakdown occurs. Armed with those insights, United Road is able to make proactive decisions about their fleet that avoid unplanned road calls and minimize downtime – all while increasing the availability, reliability, and performance of its critical assets.

“United Road is committed to leveraging advanced technologies to not only provide unparalleled and reliable service to our customers while supporting the safety and prosperity of our drivers,” said Jason Walker, COO of United Road. “We’re confident that bringing Uptake into our technology portfolio will enable us to become more proactive with our maintenance and avoid unforeseen issues with our fleet.”

During a two-month pilot phase, United Road deployed Uptake across two of its locations seeing a 400 percent return on its investment. The United Road team validated Uptake’s predictive insights, enabling technicians to take action before problems occurred. With United Road deriving value from Uptake Radar, they have made the decision to apply Uptake to additional locations and trucks.

“This is a game-changing time for logistics and heavy-trucking companies – being able to leverage the vast amounts of data being collected by today’s commercial vehicles to enable proactive repair will fundamentally alter how companies conduct maintenance, how they attract new drivers, and drive efficiencies to their bottom line, ” said Braden Pastalaniec, vice president of transportation at Uptake. “We are thrilled to work with a leader like United Road to enhance their maintenance program and optimize their business.”