Optimum Health Partnership

Fleetio, Optimum Fleet Health integrate to offer AI predictive maintenance management

Nov. 1, 2021
Customers with both Fleetio and Optimum Fleet Health solutions will be able to leverage Optimum Fleet Health’s AI learning model to predict system failures or quality issues before they happen.

Fleetio announced an integration with predictive maintenance analytics company Optimum Fleet Health. Mutual Fleetio and Optimum Fleet Health customers will be able to leverage Optimum Fleet Health’s artificial intelligence (AI) learning model to predict system failures or quality issues three to four weeks before they happen, the company said, reducing unforeseen downtime and costly disruptions to fleet operations.

Connecting Optimum Fleet Health with a Fleetio account will allow users to automate and streamline maintenance follow-up procedures by removing the need to manually enter predicted system failures or quality issues. This new integration provides simplicity by leveraging industry best practice how-to-fix instructions that will reduce technician diagnostics time by up to 85%, according to the company. Fleetio and Optimum Fleet Health are looking forward to providing additional insights through this integration, giving mutual customers a comprehensive look at their fleet data.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Fleetio and look forward to providing a complete solution to each client,” said Klay Kachur, Chief Development Officer at Optimum Fleet Health. “Maintenance teams can now upgrade from predetermined intervals and inefficient processes like duplicating shop schedules and operating costly spare vehicles, all while increasing the sustainability of their equipment and reducing downtime. With current conditions in the market, our clients are seeing a large supply shortage of parts that are keeping their fleet out of service. With Optimum and Fleetio's combined solution, fleets can get ahead and keep their business running.”

“When looking for new partners, Fleetio focuses on collaborative, comprehensive, and informative integrations. Optimum Fleet Health’s predictive maintenance analytics hit all those marks and more,” said Meghan Saunders, partner marketing manager at Fleetio. “This new integration will be a vital asset to our customers, helping provide longevity to their assets.”