Fullbay and Dieselmatic partner on marketing analytics tool

Nov. 8, 2023
The new software integration allows shops to trace the origins of their revenue and compare their ROI with their ad spending.

While shops know the importance of having a digital presence that reflects the culture of their shop for recruitment purposes, it can be difficult to gauge which online elements are actually having an impact on the shop floor. Now, Fullbay and Dieselmatic have released an end-to-end analytics tool for shop owners to track the results of their digital efforts.

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“We are excited to launch the end-to-end analytics software and to offer a new, unique service that supports shop owners in amplifying their digital marketing capabilities,” said Jack Church, head of product, Dieselmatic. “In addition to helping shop owners understand their ROI, the tool also provides specific insights to make changes to improve or expand marketing efforts.” 

Using reporting from Fullbay’s software and Dieselmatic’s digital marketing services, the software integration allows shops to track and analyze the origins of their revenue, whether it's from Google ads or social media posts. Then they can compare their digital marketing spend to the revenue earned from their specific campaigns, including new customer acquisition and service order revenue.

This integration is available on both Fullbay and Dieselmatic’s platform.