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A fond farewell

Sept. 7, 2021
A note from departing Endeavor Commercial Vehicle Group’s editorial director, Erica Schueller.

After more than a decade serving the transportation industry in trade media, I have decided to hang up my press hat.

I began in trade publishing back in 2007, writing about recreational vehicles. From there, I reported on the automotive aftermarket. In 2010, I stepped into the managing editor role for the then Cygnus Vehicle Repair Group, which then included Fleet Maintenance magazine. This role gave me the opportunity to work under one Mr. David A. Kolman. I credit David’s editorial style and passion for the commercial vehicle industry with being the driving force behind sparking my own passion in trucking. 

I led an automotive magazine for a few years before stepping into the role of editor in chief of Fleet Maintenance in 2017, to fill Kolman’s very large and bright orange shoes. 

In early 2020, Endeavor acquired a group of trucking industry trade publications from Informa. This led to the creation of the Endeavor Commercial Vehicle Group, where I was tapped to lead the editorial team. This meant bringing together content teams and processes for FleetOwner, Fleet Maintenance, Trailer/Body Builders, Bulk Transporter, Refrigerated Transporter, and American Trucker. This new and invigorating task had it’s challenges, to be sure, but it also brought together some of the brightest journalistic minds in the industry under one roof. It took some time to establish that foundation (during a global pandemic, no less). Our team has not only survived, but thrived. 

A long story short, I have gone through seven job titles, three company names, and countless interactions with work colleagues and industry friends, to get where I am today. But I’ve always sat at the same desk.

Now, as I write my last editorial as content director for the Endeavor Commercial Vehicle Group, I reflect on all the ways that this career thus far has shaped me both professionally and personally. 

Spending years writing about how to optimize preventive maintenance schedules, and reporting on engine rightsizing or vehicle emissions, or detailing the latest trends in shop management software, it has always been a thrill to research these topics, gain perspective from industry experts, and share that valuable information with readers. 

To gain that additional perspective myself, I went so far as to convince my manager it would be important to learn how to drive a Class 8 truck. After numerous discussions, paperwork, and a supportive manager and corporate team, I registered and obtained my Class A commercial driver license. And the wonderful thing about this company, and this team, is that they allowed me to do that. 

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the achievements of the incredible Endeavor Commercial Vehicle Group content team, and the CVG team altogether. Plus all of the various departments and support teams at Endeavor. The breaking news and in-depth reporting you access on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is no small feat, and this amazing team makes that happen day in, and day out. That certainly will not change. There are exciting things to come for Endeavor’s Commercial Vehicle Group too. 

As for me, I have always served the transportation industry and that won’t change either. In my next role, I will be more actively involved with sharing insights and communication for a manufacturer in the industry. I cannot wait to share what’s coming next. 

I look forward to what the future holds, and to seeing you all the next time around. Thank you for your continued supportwhether you’ve more recently discovered these brands, or you’re a long-time reader. 

Until next time, this is Erica signing off.

Over and out.