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Bendix expanding in-person technical training sessions for 2020

March 12, 2020
The Air Brake and Advanced Technology courses will visit 25 locations in 19 states.

Bendix (Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC) has expanded its long-running in-person training programs for 2020, offering more than 40 opportunities for fleet technicians, owner-operators, and others to enhance the skills necessary for keeping vehicles on the road and in safe operating condition.

Thirty sessions of Bendix’s three-day Air Brake Training class are on the 2020 calendar, which began March 3 in Fresno, California. Bendix will hold its two-day Advanced Technology Training program – introduced in 2019 – 11 times, with six sessions at Bendix headquarters in Elyria, and five at the company’s Sparks, Nevada, location. Registration is open.

“To address increasing demand for service training, we’re offering more sessions of both courses than last year, and we’re visiting 25 locations in 19 states,” said Lance Hansen, vice president – aftermarket sales, fleet, service, and operations, Bendix. “And every class is conducted by a member of the ASE-certified veteran Bendix Service Engineering Team, to help equip teams across the industry with the technical knowledge they need in today’s demanding and rapidly changing commercial vehicle landscape.”

“We know that fleets not only face continued pressure to maintain overall safety, performance, and uptime as they strive to lower their total cost of ownership, they also battle our industry’s continued shortage of qualified, highly skilled technicians. Our in-person training program – part of our larger post-sales support commitment – is just one way we can help them in that effort,” said Hansen.

Studies in safety

Bendix’s Air Brake Training course is aimed at both new and experienced technicians, and covers the description, operation, and service elements for the total range of components found within dual air brake systems. Classroom topics include the fundamentals of compressed air; tactics for air system failure mode diagnosis and troubleshooting; and components such as air compressors, valves, foundation drum brakes, and air disc brakes.

Bendix recommends that students complete the Air Brake Training course before taking the Advanced Technology Training, which covers the operation and troubleshooting of higher-level driver assistance and safety systems, as well as diagnostic software. A must for advanced technicians as more fleets and drivers adopt complex technologies like collision mitigation systems, the Advanced Technology Training sessions will address:

  • AutoVue Lane Departure Warning System from Bendix CVS
  • Bendix ACom PRO diagnostic software
  • Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program
  • Bendix Wingman Advanced collision mitigation technology
  • Bendix Wingman Fusion driver assistance systems
  • SafetyDirect by Bendix CVS
  • SmarTire and SmarTire Trailer-Link TPMS by Bendix CVS

The Advanced Technology Training includes hands-on, in-depth maintenance instruction for Bendix air disc brakes and electrical diagnostics. “It’s a lot of ground to cover,” said Hansen. “So, because of the quantity and complexity of the products involved, we really advise each student to complete either the three-day Air Brake Training course or the System Training – Air Brake Training module at before taking the Advanced Technology class.”

Per-person enrollment costs are $400 USD for Air Brake Training and $350 USD for Advanced Technology training. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, and class size is limited.

Online knowledge base

Since 2013, the Bendix On-Line Brake School has been available as an ever-expanding 24/7/365 training resource – and the site ( now counts nearly 90,000 registered users. Students can access a curriculum covering the full spectrum of braking and active vehicle safety system product topics, ranging from overall education on product features and operation to troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance best practices. Through the site, Bendix also develops customized training channels, offering specialized programs for organizations spanning all segments of the commercial vehicle industry.

At, Bendix provides an archive of post-sales product support and insight, including Bendix Tech Tips, podcasts, and blogs. Additionally, the company’s YouTube channel includes a library of Bendix Tech Talks and other resources.

“Shaping tomorrow’s transportation together doesn’t happen just on the roads,” said Hansen. “At every turn, Bendix recognizes the increasing importance of wide-ranging technician training and education, and its role in creating safer highways for everyone.”